Top Reasons Why Home Mortgages Fall Through and What Lenders Can Do to Combat Mortgage Denial

Mortgage Jun 01, 2023

Buying a home requires a solid plan, and securing a home mortgage is based on a set of criteria to determine whether applicants are eligible or whether the application will end up in a mortgage denial. Unfortunately, if a greater number of loans that come through a mortgage lending company end up in mortgage denial, the financing bodies start questioning…

Benefits Of Outsourcing Mortgage Services in A Post-Pandemic Era

Mortgage Jun 20, 2022

The mortgage sector like every other sector was impacted severely by the Covid-19 pandemic. It posed challenges on multiple fronts to the mortgage provider, some of which we will discuss in this article later.  However, the substantial savings that mortgage companies made by partnering with mortgage BPOs helped them to be in a better position. The post pandemic era, however,…

5 Tips to Choose a Great Mortgage Virtual Assistant

Mortgage May 12, 2022

Mortgage loan officers must sustain their efficiency on top of growing process complexities. It involves multitude of paperwork, and the need to keep communication consistent with customers. Virtual assistants are instrumental in aiding loan officers to stay on top of daily to-do lists. They work remotely to unburden loan officers from mundane but much-needed tasks. Such tasks include paperwork organization,…

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