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Mortgage Software Solutions

Mortgage Software Solutions

Looking for a simple and reliable way to control and monitor your lending process? You need a custom-built software tocater to your specific requirements of loan origination, processing and servicing. Expert Mortgage Assistance can help you develop a customized software to look after the entire gamut of your lending process - from initial customer contact, through approvals and servicing, to final redemptions – as well as comply with government lending requirements.

Our solution comes packed with easy to use features, to enable you manage informationin a simple and effective way. It empowers lenders to explore new income avenues while meeting the agility and flexibility needed to compete in today’s lending market.

Benefits of Our Software Solutions

Designed to put lenders in control of the system, our solution helps to:

  • Streamline mortgage sales process
  • Provide mortgage quotes faster
  • Reduce operational costs with increased efficiency
  • Maximize mortgage sales
  • Improve customer service

Types of Mortgage Software Solution

  • Comprehensive mortgage applications for online loan acquisition
  • Applications for loan servicing, approvals, credit reporting, payment processing, refinancing, foreclosure etc.
  • Customized software for loan origination, underwriting, amortization, processing, and tracking
  • Applications for pipeline management, data capture, and account aggregation

The EMA Advantage

  • Applications custom-built to accommodate variables within the industry.
  • Dedicated software developers with adequate domain expertise
  • Scalable development and support of your applications
  • Real-time communication
  • Transparent process and direct accountability

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