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Propelling organizations to help achieve the next level of growth during the pandemic

Flatworld Solutions combines its deep domain expertise with its proprietary automation tool MSuite that re-engineers your operation and brings cost savings and better customer experience.

In this webinar, hosted by The Mortgage Collaborative, deep dive to understand how we combine the two to deliver scalable and efficient operations.

Rajeev Kumar, Vice President and Rob Porges, Sr. Partner with Flatworld Solutions, talk about how Automation and Outsourcing is helping lenders close more loans and close it quicker without having to hire and train resources.

Key Takeaways From This Webinar Include:

How Outsourcing and Automation together have emerged as the most viable solution for seamless and timely operational capacity expansion.

The outsourcing pre-requisites critical to the success of outsourced relationships; And how to bring more value adds to the table.

Automation Maturity Curve and building a scalable operation through outsourcing and our proprietary tool MSuite.

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