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How Business Rule Engine Streamlines Mortgage Loan Processing? What Makes MSuite the Best Rule Engine

The mortgage industry runs on multiple rules. These rules govern the way business is conducted in the industry. Such rules pertain to compliance, credit score, eligibility, workflow, and many more. There are two major challenges when it comes to managing these rules. Firstly, most of these business rules are extremely dynamic in nature and change at the drop of a…

What Mortgage Companies Need to do to Translate Trends into Opportunities in 2022

Mortgage Lender Dec 30, 2021

In a post-pandemic new year, the mortgage market is expected to witness gradual growth in the number of homebuyers, listing prices, rents, and lending rates. It would be a busy year ahead for lenders as more sellers would enter the market to meet growing buyer needs. But the opportunities will also set a new bar for operational resilience, forcing lenders…

How Lenders Can Make Mortgage Refinance a Smooth and Seamless Experience for Borrowers

Mortgage, Mortgage Lender Dec 23, 2021

The pandemic-induced economic uncertainty has resulted in a record fall of home interest rates. This has triggered loan refinance like never before.¬†Swamped with loan refinance requests, mortgage lenders are finding it hard to ensure a seamless refinance experience to borrowers. This blog looks into the key aspects of making refinance a smooth affair. The fall in Interest rates during the…

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