Entrust Your Mortgage Processing Services to Pioneers in Workflow Automation

We use the latest technology for automated mortgage processing services to expedite mortgage loan closures and help you seize a competitive business advantage.

Promote a Sustainable Mortgage Process Cycle for Increased Revenue

We help mortgage companies save resources, bolster operational bandwidth and compete at the highest level required to generate optimum efficiency in their mortgage processing.

Our global portfolio of high-impact case studies testifies to our expertise in third-party mortgage loan processing services. We are a company that integrates intuitive technology with the technical expertise required to excel in the field.

At Expert Mortgage Assistance, we have standardized and automated mortgage processing services to offer back-office support that translates to reduced operational costs, improved data accuracy, and a quicker time to market. Mortgage lenders access our skilled staff to help stretch their operating bandwidth to handle up to 50% more volume in peak hours.

Our Mortgage Process Promotes Sustainability with Digital Excellence

mortgage loan processing  steps

Deliver Business Excellence with Our Comprehensive Mortgage Processing Services

We help lenders, credit unions, and brokers expedite loan closures by catering to borrowers in ensuring compliance with the latest benchmarks by leveraging automated and streamlined mortgage processing services.

Review of Document Compliance

We review all financial information and borrower records to match the criteria required for mortgage processing. We carry out the steps in validating records securely and rely on clear evidence to meticulously ensure compliance.

Conduct Comprehensive Credit Checks

From pre-screening of borrower credentials to obtaining and reviewing credit reports, applicant history, social security status, and FHA authorizations, we prevent delays in processing mortgage loans. We check existing loans, payment defaults, tax returns, and transcripts to offer only the best estimates to borrowers within just 3 days of receiving an application, ensuring prompt disbursals and closures.

Examination of 3rd Party Documents

Our experienced underwriters study extensive records of financial and social security data to eliminate any discrepancies or errors in advance. Once reviewed, we present a detailed report identifying any contradictions, inconsistencies, incompatible findings, and data that cannot be validated. The report produced helps mortgage companies and credit unions eliminate potential issues and mitigate concerns that may impact compliance and regulatory standards.

Transparent and Timely Verification Protocols

As a reliable mortgage processing service provider, we pay close attention to detail at every stage to ensure that all records are void of inaccurate or unverified information. Our established process empowers lenders with transparent workflows to verify and cross-verify borrower details for accuracy and legitimacy.

Securing VA and FHA Case Numbers

On your behalf, we will help you order the VA and FHA case numbers online. We carry out this operation methodically to validate all requests, as incomplete requests may cause delays in the mortgage cycle, affecting your business performance.

Prepare and Dispatch Accurate Loan Estimates

We prepare the Loan Estimates carefully and ensure that the borrower gains a clear understanding of important information like the costs and risks of any mortgage plan. We assist lenders in dispatching the Loan Estimates to applicants within 3 business days of receiving a mortgage loan application.

Collect and Review Supporting Documents

Our experts assist lenders in collecting supporting documentation like mortgage statements, bank statements, pension statements, escrow documents, divorce decrees, and child support documents. We help you secure the homeowner’s insurance and flood certificate for any property. Once collected, we file the information systematically for easy archival and access at any stage in the mortgage lifecycle.

Expedited Loan Submission & Condition Clearing

At the final stage of mortgage processing, we submit applications to an underwriter for cross-checking the eligibility of an applicant and validating the documents required. We assist you in expediting the condition-clearing process once the underwriters confirm that all criteria to obtain a mortgage loan are justified.

How We Delivered Reliable and Cost-effective Mortgage Processing Services During The COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Engaged qualified workforce in the form of multidisciplinary experts, strategic advisors, and offshore teams to enable 24/7 service to handle the increase in work volume.
  • Redefined KPIs and reporting frameworks to cater to the new CARES ACT-enforced requests.
  • Delegated a special workforce that can specifically focus on key areas which are regulatory dynamics and chances of potential frauds.
  • Simulated stress scenarios to help you assess your resilience, identify business risks, and accordingly frame mortgage forbearance, refinance, and risk management measures.
  • Adapted our service delivery with your preferred technology to process a greater number of applications and preserve data integrity.

Outsource Mortgage Processing to Us for Expedited Loan Cycles

Our automated and precise mortgage processing service makes us a highly reliable business process outsourcing company, assuring up to a 40% reduction in per-employee operational costs. By delegating specialized teams to handle all regulatory requirements, our standardized and automated back-office support for mortgage companies produces novelty by assuring exceptional customer service.

Trusted by lenders and credit unions across the USA, we lend our expertise in handling tasks efficiently to speed up mortgage cycles and guarantee the bandwidth required to take on all mortgage processing requests at volume and velocity.