Outsource Mortgage Closing Support Services

Our specialization in mortgage closing covers all the stages of the loan closing process and guarantees error-free and compliant services

Expert Mortgage Assistance specializes in providing back office support services to lenders for closing mortgage in an efficient, error-free and compliant. As an expert mortgage closing company, we cover all the stages of the mortgage closing process, including ordering title reviews, readying closing statements, liaising with agents, revising the terms, etc.

Mortgage closing is an intricate process in which the lender/credit union is supposed to provide a closing disclosure document that details of a transaction, including a breakdown of the closing costs and fees. The two things that lenders or credit unions need to be careful about at this stage of the loan process is to ensure accuracy and deliver it three days prior to the day of signing. The rigidity of the new rules and the steep costs imposed on violators, calls for a more careful approach in discharging their duties.

Assessing data integrity and documenting quality control activities during the closing stage can be a huge task for lenders. Outsourcing mortgage closing requirements to a Freddie Mac compliant third-party can prove to be hugely beneficial in times of efforts, times and costs.

We close over 10000+ loans for lenders and credit
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Our End-to-End Mortgage Closing Services

We simplify the many important and often confusing steps involved in closing the sale of real estate. Mortgage Closing Services from EMA involves the following key steps:

Collect Necessary Mortgage Closing Documents

We help you gather all documents needed for the mortgage closing process. These include GFE, contract, title search, homeowner's and mortgage insurance, appraisal and inspection reports. Besides, we collect other docs that may be needed because of the location of the property. These include flood certificate, termite inspection certification, water and sewer certification

Review Property Title

Our closing back-office services includes one last review of the recorded legal rights of the property. We have a detailed look at the lawsuits, taxes, judgments and liens. After the review we arrange the files in the right sequence to make the mortgage closing process seamless.

Preparing Closing Instructions Statement

Following title review, the loan application is reviewed for one last for inconsistencies. We prepare the closing instructions statement and send it to the funding department along with the Bank Note, E&O Insurance and Wiring Instructions, etc.

Working with Settlement Companies

We work on your behalf with settlement companies for evaluating tax and fees and even procuring the escrow agreement. We also pass on lender instructions to settlement agent to determine how the mortgage funds are distributed at mortgage closing.

Preparing and Sending Important Mortgage Closing Documents

We help lenders prepare and deliver closing documents as required by state and federal law. These include the loan estimate, the closing disclosure, the notice of the right to rescind, and the initial escrow statement. In keeping with the rules, we ensure closing disclosure is sent three business days before signing loan documents.

Mortgage Pre-Closing Services

As part of the pre-closing audit, we review the order status to ensure there is no delay in closing the transaction. During this stage we make sure that the purchase offer has been acknowledged, finances secured, and the proposed home has been approved post-inspection.

Our next steps include:

Obtaining Homeowner's Insurance

We help borrowers identify and buy the right home owners insurance to cover them against disasters that might befall them. If the buyer has the insurance in possession, we collect the insurance documents and home inspection report on your behalf.

Getting Down Payment and Closing Costs from Bank After Deducting Deposit

We get in touch with the bank on behalf of you to get the closing costs and other details. We take care to provide accurate personal information, loan number and other information of the borrowers to get a quick reply.

Review Payoff Statement

We review the payoff statement for details like loan amount, payment made towards the loan, balance due, and the interest rate. We also help you explain the payoff statement to your borrowers.

HUD Statement Preparation

The HUD Settlement Statement requires the approval of the lender and the buyer’s attorney. We help you include all the necessary information in the specific format and style and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Quality is the Byword for Our Mortgage Closing Process

Our pre-closing and closing process is subject to strict quality controls. The goal of our quality process is to monitor your origination policies, ensure the accuracy of all the data and spot and stop mortgages with shortcomings such as inaccurate data, insufficient documentation or fraud.

Our services quality control services include VALIDATION or REVERIFICATION of:

  • Data entered in Loan Product Advisor
  • Borrower Social Security number
  • Income computation and documentation
  • Employment
  • Assets required to close or meet reserves requirements
  • Property valuation documentation
  • Adequate mortgage insurance coverage

In addition to these, we ensure our quality control activities is fully documented in writing and reviewed by management on a regular basis. As a specialized mortgage loan closing company, the quality of loan closing services. We deliver will keep all mortgage closing related issues at bay.

Why Outsource Loan Closing Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance

By outsourcing mortgage closing process to us, you get the following benefits:

  • 1000+ highly trained mortgage processors working fulltime
  • 99% accuracy guaranteed in review of closing documents (closing disclosure, promissory note, Deed of Trust, CoO)
  • Expert group to deal with regulatory requirements
  • Standardized and automated back office service for mortgage closing
  • Up to 30% reduction in TAT, leveraging 24/7 work environment
  • Up to 40% reduction in per employee operational cost
  • Flexibility to scale work up to 50% during peak times
  • Seamless communication and highly transparent operations
  • 100% data confidentiality and privacy
  • Flexible staffing model

Meeting new TRID regulations pose a big challenge for lenders. The key to lessening the complexities involved in correctly preparing and assembling required mortgage closing documents for smooth mortgage closing is an expert third-party partner. Expert Mortgage Assistance has the know-how to incorporate the new disclosures into the daily flow of loan origination, loan processing support and loan closing. Outsource mortgage loan closing process to us to adapt seamlessly to the required changes.

Looking for back office support from a reliable offshore mortgage closing company? Outsource mortgage closing process to Expert Mortgage Assistance to make your process more accurate and time-bound.