Dating back to 1980s the concept “outsourcing” came from the American Glossary “outside resourcing”. In it’s true sense, it referred to finding resources outside the organization for certain tasks that are either existing pain points of the organization or soon to be. Over the last two decades this concept has been very popular in businesses across the world and outsourcing has almost become synonymous to Cost-Saving. While cost-saving is still one of the key drivers to outsourcing, the benefits range from Scalability, Better Quality to Improved Turn-times. There are hundreds of articles that talks about these traditional benefits of outsourcing as that’s what most outsourcing companies focus on.

Being a technology company at heart, we at Expert Mortgage Assistance deliver above and beyond these traditional outsourcing benefits to our clients. We believe the back-office operations is not just an essential back-end function but if managed well, it can potentially become a competitive edge for the organization. Some of the fastest growing Mortgage companies rightly boast about their efficient back-end operations and how they are able to give better customer service and close loans quicker. Expert Mortgage Assistance is proud to be a part of rapid growth for some of our clients and we continue to innovate ways and means of giving our clients an edge over competition.

Moving beyond the standard Service Level Agreements and committed productivity/quality numbers, here are some of the additional benefits Expert Mortgage Assistance offers:

  • Analytics in Operations – While the primary goal of the operations team is to deliver services based on the SLAs signed, they are also able to capture and analyze important business insights that sometimes goes as a feedback upstream for fixing route causes to the problems identified in operations. We provide our clients with important trends, effects of internal changes being implemented from time to time and reports on compliance with various regulatory requirements.
  • Consultation on Best Practices – Besides doing what we are asked to, we leverage our expertise of working with several dozen Mortgage Lenders to guide our clients in the right direction from time to time. Having worked with Lenders with different business and operational strategies, Expert Mortgage Assistance has wealth of knowledge in this domain. Apart from sharing the best practices within the industry, we also observe and implement learnings from several other industries that we currently serve. This brings about new perspective to problem solving and helps discovering unconventional solutions that are more effective and efficient.
  • Technology & Automation – Imagine an outsourcing company that came back to you after a few months of engagement and said your monthly bill will be lower going forward as we have automated a process or built a tool that makes us more efficient. That’s exactly what Expert Mortgage Assistance strives towards and we have successfully surprised our clients with lower bills from time to time. When you engage with us, we take complete ownership of the work assigned to us and find ways of gaining efficiency, effectiveness and better customer experience.

Mortgage Lenders are in need to outsource their back-office functions more than ever thanks to growing regulatory requirements and thinner margins. The cost of originating and closing a loan has constantly been on rise and the only way to stay profitable is to save operational costs. Let Expert Mortgage Assistance helps you with your outsourcing needs and you will find yourself expanding the possibilities of outsourcing benefits.