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The ever-changing dynamics of the mortgage industry has paved the way for innovative and pioneering solutions to cater to the huge demand across the domain. The mortgage market needs highly focused and sustainable solutions to gain more through delivery-driven results. Mortgage outsourcing companies have thus emerged as saviours to lenders. Their unmatched services are integral for business excellence. Leading mortgage outsourcing companies in USA strive to identify borrowers and verify their credentials like eligibility, credit history and more. The mortgage outsourcing solutions by Expert Mortgage Assistance, is designed to establish borrower credentials in the shortest possible time and cut down on the time taken in managing other critical processes such as mortgage closing and post-closing services, appraisal services, title services, loss mitigation services etc.

Validating the credentials of suitable clients is indispensable but the multiple steps and processes involved make it a long and cumbersome task. Hiring mortgage professionals can be an expensive affair, while managing mortgage services through in-house staff can take away focus on business development activities. As a reputed mortgage support services company, our services enable you to increase speed and efficiency while substantially lowering your overhead costs, thus giving you the competitive edge. Our diligent and experienced staff of data experts provide impeccable services by streamlining mortgage automation outsourcing solutions. From gathering the data from reliable sources to assisting lenders in the loan origination to mortgage closing and post-closing audits, we offer unmatched services. The dedicated team ensures that the collection, organization and validation of the required documents is completed before the loan is submitted for underwriting. It’s because of our end-to-end services that we are rated as one of the leading mortgage outsourcing companies in the industry.

Mortgage Services offered by Expert Mortgage Assistance include:

Our mortgage loan processing support services involve receiving and reviewing documents, ensuring compliance, completing verifications (VoE, VoI, VoD, VoM), appraisal and title reviews, credit report reviews, clearing lender specifications and ordering pay-offs, confirming closing, and more. The thoroughly verified loan files are studied to determine if there are any missing documents and data, prior to the underwriting stage. Besides, our team obtains, reviews and updates automated underwriting results and feedback reports to facilitate highest level of precision in mortgage outsourcing services. Our services enable faster turnaround and more loans processed, reducing capital expenditure on technology and office infrastructure, while minimizing operating expenses.

Our dedicated and experienced team of mortgage underwriters diligently evaluate the loan applications and analyse applicant credit worthiness. They define scope and conditions, and determine the market value of properties, giving the final decision with valid reasons. Our mortgage outsourcing services also include ratio analysis, asset and collateral analysis, fraud detection, regulatory compliance and more. We also validate the data used by the automated underwriting system. Once the applications are evaluated, based on the backup credit, revenue and asset documentation, we run Automated Underwriting System to ascertain eligibility.

Our mortgage closing support professionals have the necessary expertise to streamline loan closing and minimize time and costs. They can help you prepare closing documents, liaise with closing agents, examine titles, prepare deeds, review final terms, ensure compliance, understand HUD settlement statements and coordinate and schedule closing, among other related activities.

Mortgage post-closing is a crucial mortgage servicing outsourcing stage as the team evaluates if the transaction is ready to close. Our mortgage post-closing support professionals have the necessary expertise to streamline loan closing and minimize time and costs. They can help you prepare closing documents, liaise with closing agents, examine titles, prepare deeds, review final terms, ensure compliance, understand HUD settlement statements and coordinate and schedule closing, among other related activities.

Our title support services include a meticulous scrutiny of all financial obligations that might impact the sale of the property in question, such as lawsuits, liens, and legal claims. We can handle incoming faxes, liaise with loan officers and listing agents, obtain pay-off statements and title search reports, and manage post-settlement work, among a host of related activities. Our clients avail our proficiency in mortgage servicing outsourcing to reduce inconsistencies in title processing services.

Our mortgage appraisal support services include appraisal ordering, reviewing, seeking broker price opinions and carrying out comparative market analysis. Aside from this, we help companies register qualified appraisers, manage them as well as delegate tasks to them. Through our diligent mortgage servicing outsourcing, we combine intelligent valuation technologies, relevant market-based data, and analytics with our domain expertise to provide a simplified and highly accurate and reliable property valuation service.

Our loss mitigation support service is designed to shield lenders and companies from incurring losses. From basic processing of documents to complex functions requiring borrower outreach and market analysis, we cover the entire spectrum of loss mitigation. Our team of loss mitigation experts excel in creating unique solutions for unique situation and so can help you nip crises in the bud. Besides support, we provide several value-added benefits with our mortgage outsourcing service.

Our mortgage automation and software solutions are designed to help lenders achieve greater productivity levels and acquire greater competency. MSuite, our proprietary document management software, automates data extraction and validation. Our clients also outsource mortgage services to avail the benefits of automating processes. Over the years, we have assisted lenders enhance processes, speed up processing times, reduce costs, and improve data accuracy at every stage of the mortgage lifecycle. Our mortgage automation solutions range from document management to compliance adherence testing as well as software solutions to test borrower portfolios across all parameters.

It is because of our comprehensive services, Expert Mortgage Assistance has emerged as one of the most trusted mortgage outsourcing companies in USA.

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FAQs on Mortgage Services

Once we understand which mortgage support services you need, we identify resources to assign to your project based on their availability and expertise. Our resources have years of experience in the mortgage industry and we only assign resources that will add value to your operations and perform their tasks with efficiency and accuracy.

We typically require that you employ 1 full-time resource to begin with as we do not operate using a shared resource model. It is important from a utilization perspective, more than just cost savings. They will operate 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, so it is important that you utilize the staff assigned to their maximum capacity.

Although we use our Client’s systems through secure platform, we have extensive experience in dynamic systems and tools that our Clients are using. Not only do we are well versed with the commonly used software in the mortgage industry like AutoCloud, we have also developed our own software solutions to help in a range of processes. From mortgage automation software that leverages Robotic Process Automation and AI to appraisal software, we develop unique software solutions to bridge the gap between multiple internal processes for our clients. Clients also use our proprietary software, MSuite, for data classification and extraction purposes when they require expertise in handling mortgage documentation requirements. Apart from MSuite, ExpertMortgageAssistance has never hosted any application locally for security reasons and also to provide transparency and control to their Clientele.

With over 10 years of experience in handling back-office support for our mortgage clients, we have considerable expertise in handling projects of all scopes, complexities, and sizes. We provide end-to-end support as well as support for only one business function like underwriting, depending on our client’s needs. Our team is well-versed in handling projects of any complexity as we have experts from diverse backgrounds and domains that are ready to cater to your individual needs. The simple and efficient way of handling any project is to learn and replicate what our Client is following internally. This way they do not have to change any environment internally and can operate as is.

We have 8 global delivery centers from which our experts provide our end-to-end mortgage support services. These centers are located in India, Kenya, Bolivia, Peru, and the Philippines, to name a few locations.

We have Single points of contact (SPOC) for each project that we take on. Our clients would be able to reach out their SPOC to gather updates on the project’s progress over time. They would also be given access to the project’s workflows and operations data as we firmly believe that transparency is key to our success as well.

As a mortgage services outsourcing company, we provide a range of different services from underwriting support, closing support, and loss mitigation support to loan processing support, title support, and post-closing support. We also provide appraisal support and mortgage automation assistance to help your processes operate at peak efficiency.

Since we work with a wide range of brokers and lenders we have worked on almost all the major LOS systems available in the market. From Encompass and Calyx to PC Lender and Lending QB, we have expertise in all types of LOS systems.

We provide end-to-end mortgage support for our clients. However, if you prefer only outsourcing a part of the mortgage process to us like mortgage underwriting, we can take on those services as well. You can expand the portfolio of services you outsource to us as and when you require assistance.

Our mortgage support services specialists can start working on your project in as little as 2 weeks. In that time, we will thoroughly study and understand how your business operates to find effective ways to implement our mortgage support solutions into your existing systems and processes.

As an SSAE16, SOC2 and ISO 27001:2013 ISMS certified organization, we have 2 of the highest data security standards in the mortgage industry. We have a host of security protocols in place to manage the security of assets entrusted to our care. These can include employee details, intellectual property, or financial data of any kind. Your data only resides on your servers as we do not download or host any of your data locally in any way, shape, or form. We also implement critical physical data security measures from biometric accesses to only white-listed internet access.

If you would like some pricing quotes for our services, you can always email us at or fill out a brief form on our website. Alternatively, you can always call us at 1-855-224-6855 to get a hold of an agent.