Helping a Residential Mortgage Lender Close Loans 40% Faster


Our client is a leading residential mortgage lender with more than 80 offices nationwide.


On an average it took our client 2-3 months to process loans. This was leading to increased backlog, which further aggravated when the interest rates fell, and there was a sudden spike in work inflow. When the client approached us, we had to grapple with the following challenges:

  • Longer closing times resulting in dissatisfied loan officers and borrowers
  • More number of bad loans leading to delays in all the loans being processed
  • Additional efforts spent in moving loan documents to underwriting and closing departments
  • Lack of resources to handle spike in volume
  • Poor quality of processing affecting productivity of underwriters

Solution Provided:

After taking over, we first studied the clients operational structure and documented each of the processes. The documentation helped us on two counts: identify and eliminate process inefficiencies and train the offshore team so that operations with the in-house team could be synced seamlessly. Some of the solutions we introduced include:

  • Hire and train resources 3 times faster than the in-house team
  • Divide complex processes into smaller simpler tasks (For ex; Loan Processing was divided into 10+ small tasks
  • Assign dedicated teams for each tasks and set turnaround to 24 hours
  • The problem items for each of these tasks were sent to a separate team that worked directly with the Borrower/LO/Third Parties
  • Assign a QC team to audit a fixed percentage of the daily production on each of the processes
  • Provide daily completion and exception reports on each of the processes to measure productivity and turnaround


By implementing our solution, the client is able to process and close loans much faster. Some of the direct benefits realized are:

  • No backlogs of loan processing and closing
  • Loans are closing 30-50% faster than before
  • There is 25-30% lesser effort in closing each of the loans as most of the documents stay current from the time they are obtained till the loan closes
  • The client can now process twice the volume without needing additional infrastructure as the offshore team handles most of the processing tasks
  • Operational costs are reduced by 40% leading to enhanced profits

It is because of the changes that satisfied borrowers are providing more references to loan officers resulting in growth of our client’s business.

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