Outsource Mortgage Appraisal Review Services

Our mortgage appraisal review services is designed to help you determine the accurate market value of a property and assess the quality of the appraisal

Expert Mortgage Assistance has 10 years of experience in providing robust back office support for lenders in various aspects of their mortgage loan approval process. One such specialty is mortgage appraisal review services. We provides lenders with a reliable independent assessment of an appraisal process to ensure the loan amount that is approved does not exceed the actual market value of the collateral property. Our review services conform to the compliance requirements of USAP standards. As a global mortgage appraisal review company, we validate appraisal reports based on a detailed review of property market data.

The objective of our premium mortgage appraisal review services is to provide lenders with credible and appropriately supported market value opinion of a property. We ensure that all relevant information which supports the market condition and fair market value of the property is present in the appraisal report before it reaches the underwriter. Outsource mortgage appraisal review services to us for a well-rounded solution.

Our End-to-End Mortgage Appraisal Review Services

Review Reporting

We generate succinct and concise reports about the mortgage appraisal support process conducted on a property. Our reports focus on quality and information accuracy of the property appraisal document submitted by the appraiser. We strive to uncover any shortcomings in the appraisal process and if need be draw your attention for a need to carry out a fresh property appraisal.

Property Information Review

As an expert mortgage appraisal review services company, we scrutinize the appraisal process to verify vital property information such as, location, housing trends of the area, price of the property, market conditions, physical dimensions and condition. Our exhaustive approach to the review of property information enables us to classify and index property details in an iterative manner and makes it easy for you to recall the information on demand.

Appraiser Panel Review

Our mortgage appraisal review process takes into account the awareness and the experience of the appraiser who conducts the property appraisal as well. We stay abreast with all the methodologies and practices used by the appraiser during the appraisal process. Our appraiser panel review service determines whether or not the appraiser had adhered to UAD and USPAP guidelines during the property appraisal process.

Comparative Market Analysis

We pull up market data such as listed price, selling price, prevailing market value of similar properties in the area, reports containing an objective analysis of the housing trends of the area, market value opinion and the number of days the property has been listed for sale. Each one of this information helps you with arranging financing and securing property insurance. It also documents the level of amenities, like fireplaces, stoves, heating systems, parking and more. These details enable you to determine the best fair market value of the property.

Why Outsource Mortgage Appraisal Review Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance

Our team consists of a mix of mortgage experts and data entry specialists. Our services as a premium mortgage appraisal review company streamlines your underwriting process by furnishing the most detailed and verified property appraisal review report. We bank on a set of systematic and iterative steps to perform a review of your appraisal process. Our mortgage appraisal review for lenders uncovers underlying risks that are related to the appraisal step, before it reaches the underwriter for approval. Our thorough and meticulous approach in verifying all aspects of the collateral property ranging from its physical dimensions and condition to its list times, ownership history and more give you a bird’s eye view of the property’s most accurate price estimate in the market.

Here are some other benefits of choosing our appraisal review services:-

  • A team of 1000+ mortgage experts with diverse exposure to a wide variety of loan portfolios
  • Multi-step document review to ensure 100% accuracy of appraisal, feedback and audit reports
  • Detailed review process that covers floor plans, photographs, area and locality details of the property
  • Services designed to establish consistency between our finding and the property details documented by the appraiser
  • Premium review services that are compliant with applicable lending standards and GSE regulations
  • Use of cutting-edge CRM and document management systems to carry out the review process
  • 100% information and security confidentiality
  • Up to 40% reduction in operational costs

Looking for a mortgage appraisal review services company to improve accuracy of appraisal reports? Outsource mortgage appraisal review services to us for an effective solution