• Outsource Mortgage Lien Release Service

    We use well defined process and industry best practices to improve the pace and quality of your mortgage lien release process.

    Expert Mortgage assistance has 10 years of experience in providing back-office support for lenders seeking lien release service. Our mortgage lien release services are designed to streamline your lien release process and reduce the number of rejections in the process. We bank on a team of mortgage experts with experience in lien release processes to reduce risks and the scope for error in your mortgage lien release process.

    As a global mortgage lien release service company our comprehensive solution takes charge of your entire lien release process, starting from generation to recording and tracking. We use well-designed workflows to reduce the time taken with the recording of loan documents, assignment generation, tracking, reporting and recording of all mandatory documents. outsource mortgage llien services to us for a highly efficient and accurate lien management operation.

    Our End-to-End Mortgage Lien Release Services

    Mortgage Lien Release Processing

    As an experienced mortgage lien release services company we take care of the entire gamut of the release process. After receiving lien release requests through emails, fax and call centers, we prioritize the steps to speed up the process. These include retrieving documents, verifying assignments and validating them. We liaise with the concerned teams to complete all document verification steps that are a part of release request processing. We follow up with them and push for fast response times, to get the release request moving to other stages of the process.

    Mortgage Assignment Services

    Our team of mortgage experts are well trained on mortgage risk management procedures. We find all the assignments made to the property that is a part of the current mortgage transaction. This helps us verify red flags events such as lawsuits on the property, unpaid taxes and ownership dispute. We track all assignments on the property to ensure that the loan amount funded by you in a mortgage loan is well protected by the terms of the title policy. We track down all assignment changes and transactions made using the property as a collateral.

    Tracking and Reporting

    We provide real-time updates on lien release recording and loan documents. By tracking all mandatory documents and the lien recordings, we enable you to convey the estimate of the turnaround times of the lien release process to the borrower. We use CRM systems to track data and generate reports and keep you updated on the performance of your liens release process. We verify all the required documents for the liens release including the recording to ensure that the release process happens without any errors.

    Document Recording

    We use our document recording services to keep a track of all the developments happening on a particular borrower. Once the release process has been initiated with the customer completing loan payment, we document and digitize the status of the lien release. We maintain detailed records of all the documents that are present, required and requested for, to track the activity on a release request. This eliminates process redundancy and improves the efficiency of the process. Our document recording services ensure that you are well protected in the event of lien disputes.

    Document Retrieval

    The lien release process is vast and exhaustive. It requires various set of documents ranging from title information to ownership details and assignment reports. We follow a checklist-based approach to ensure that all documents that are mandatory for the release process are present at the time of release. We place retrieval requests with the concerned departments to source the required loan documents. We augment the efficiency of our document retrieval process by reviewing the quality and accuracy of the information in the retrieved documents.

    Why Outsource Mortgage Lien Release Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

    We bring industry knowledge and expertise to reduce redundancy in the lien release process. We have developed optimized bespoke services designed to address the complexity and the resource-intensive nature of a lien release process. Our services ensure that all the necessary documents that are required for the lien release process are present upon the completion of the mortgage loan. We maintain workflows that receive all the relevant documents through all your client communication channels. Backed with such well-designed operational procedures, we have been highly successful in implementing efficient mortgage lien release process.

    Here are some more benefits that you get by choosing us as a mortgage lien release service company:

    • Over 10 years of experience in mortgage lien release
    • Access to a team of 1000+ highly experienced mortgage processionals
    • State of the art ERP and document management solutions to guarantee streamlined lien release
    • Multi-tier QA procedures to ensure accuracy of information of all loan documents
    • Up to 30% reduction in the operational costs of your lien release process
    • Up to 30% reductions in the turnaround times of lien release process

    Looking for an experienced mortgage lien release service company to assist you with the lien release process? Outsource mortgage lien release service to Expert Mortgage Assistance to reduce rejection rates and improve process turnaround times.