Outsource USDA Mortgage Loan Processing Services

Our back-office support for USDA loan services are tailored to ensure high levels of data accuracy and faster turnaround times.

Expert Mortgage Assistance provides comprehensive back office support solutions for lenders who specialize in providing USDA loans. USDA loans require a high level of scrutiny in the loan process and involves very little or no down payment. With our systematic support structure and diligent multi-tier verification steps, we ensure a high level of accuracy in customer and property information to make sure all the eligibility standards are met as per USDA Loan guidelines.

From the application process to the final approval, our back-office support covers all aspects of the USDA loan process. We employ the use of up to date mortgage loan process, cutting edge CRM and document management systems to drive efficiency and excellence in your USDA loan approval process. Outsource USDA loan services to us to leverage over 10 years of industry experience in mortgage processing support and to transform your business process to garner new business insights.

Our All Inclusive USDA Loan Services

Pre-Qualification Services

We initiate the loan process by checking the eligibility of the customer and the validity of the property. We assist lenders in providing customers a detailed idea of the terms of the loan, should it be approved along with a preliminary forecast of the loan amount. With our pre-qualification services, we give the customers an idea of the level of commitment to kickstart the USDA mortgage loan process. We collect and maintain all vital customer information at the back end after preliminary screening steps have been completed.


The pre-approval step is extremely critical since you are required to collect supporting proof of the customer’s eligibility for a USDA loan. We approach the pre-approval step systematically to ensure that all supporting documents like Pay Stubs, W-forms, Employment History, Credit history, debt history and records of other vital financial information are supplied by the customer. We create a descriptive customer profile and digitize it onto the CRM system along with a pre-approval letter to ensure that the profile is complete and ready to be sent to the underwriting process.

Property Inspection and Eligibility Check

As a premier USDA loan processing company, our back-office support has been developed to assist lenders to document property eligibility as per USDA guidelines. We closely assist the property appraisal process by documenting the property details. For USDA loans, details like geographical location, qualification under ‘rural’ property’, property type and occupancy details are vital. We maintain and review all these mandatory details along with other basic property appraisal data such as title information, ownership details, ownership history and resale value of the property.

Agreement and Appraisal

We provide back office support to ready the purchase agreement, prepare appraisal reports and title documents and send the same to the underwriting team. Our specialty services as an experienced USDA loan services company can go a long way in reducing the bulk of information circulation between the underwriter and the loan processor. Our team of mortgage experts follow a checklist-based approach to ensure all the needed documents are in place. This reduces the loan processing times and helps in maintaining accuracy at all times.

Processing and Closing

We closely liaison with the underwriter to ensure they work with verified and meticulously analyzed information at all times. Upon the completion of the mortgage underwriting process, we review and compile the clear to close documents pertaining to loan amount, payment terms and rate of interest including disclaimers and invoices for closing charges. We dispatch the necessary closing package to the customer, conveying to them the approval of their USDA loan.

Why Outsource USDA Mortgage Loan Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Our diverse experience in the field of mortgage servicing, has helped us become a trusted back office support partner of multiple US-based mortgage providers. We understand the back-office support needs for FHA Loan services like the back of her hand and so can deliver top-notch support for every requirement. Our fine blend of analytical thinking and robust support will help you streamline as well as identify areas of improvement in your entire FHA Loan approval process.

The following are just few of the many benefits that you get with our back office support: -

  • A team of 1000+ mortgage professionals well trained on latest USDA guidelines
  • Nearly, 10 years of experience in handling all aspects of the Mortgage Process with specialization in USDA loans
  • A multi-tier information review and verification process to ensure accuracy of information and adherence to guidelines
  • At least 40% reduction in per employee operational cost
  • At least 30% reduction in TAT
  • 100% data confidentiality and back up support
  • Flexibility of scale when work volume reach peak levels

Looking for a USDA Loan services company to transform your business model? Outsource USDA loan services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for an error free and reliable mortgage processing services.