Outsource Warehouse Line QC Audits Services

Our Warehouse Line QC audits services thoroughly examines all aspects of your warehouse lending process to ensure that it conforms with all regulatory guidelines and requirements.

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing robust back office support with QC audits for warehouse lenders. Our quality control procedures help you assess the risks associated with the Warehouse lending process. Our services follow a meticulous level of review to ensure that the value of the loan does not surpass the value of the collateral in the inventory of the borrower.

We provide warehouse lenders with vital feedback on compliance and regulatory requirements along with diligent reporting. Our services ensure that you are funding only those lines of credit that will be accepted by GSEs in the secondary market. As a global warehouse line QC Audits Services company we follow a series of well-defined steps in our audit process that identifies all underlying risks associated with the process.

Our All Inclusive Warehouse Line QC Audits Services

Loan Application Review

We initiate the audit Warehouse Line QC process by performing a consolidated review of loan application and the supporting documents in the borrower portfolio. We examine income statements and tax return in details. We scout for any missing or wrong information and flag it accordingly. As an experienced Warehouse Line QC Audits company, our back office support enables you to determine the payback capacity of the borrower accurately.

Underwriting Audit

Our underwriting audit services enrich the efficiency of your underwriting process. We use modern day CRM systems with comprehensive document management systems, to double check the accuracy of all borrower information supplied to the underwriter. We use multi-tier document review steps to ensure no inaccuracies are overlooked so that only thoroughly verified information reaches the underwriter.

Risk Assessment

There are multiple components of a warehouse lending process that have risks associated with them. Something as simple as discrepancy in customer information can lead to unnecessary legal complications. We are constantly on the lookout for fraudulent activities and misrepresentation with our risk assessment services. We review personal details of the customer, credit records, tax returns, investment records and the reason for the warehouse loan application to cover all aspects of risk assessment.

Review of Loan Documents

We adopt a checklist-based approach for the examination of all the documents submitted by the borrower. Such an approach helps in meticulously reviewing the documents and identifying every risk associated with the process. We use document management systems with the latest text recognition features as standard tools to verify information accuracy. We review every file that is a part of the customer’s loan portfolio including the appraisal report.

Loan Disbursement Review

We ensure that all the disbursement fees that have been calculated and sent across to the borrower are accurate. We perform an in depth review of the methods used to calculate these charges to preserve high levels of quality and transparency in the warehouse lending process.

Why Outsource Warehouse Line QC Audits Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

As a global Warehouse Line QC audits company, we bring a fine blend of mortgage experts, statistics professionals and modern day technology to the service of warehouse lenders. We adopt tried and tested methodologies that provide you with a progressive approach to handling QC audit data. Our services are based on an in-depth understanding of lender needs and regulatory guidelines of GSEs like CFPB, FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, so that high levels of quality in the audit process is guaranteed. We help you identify and understand problems with your warehouse line lending process before it escalates into major problems. Our services will transform your entire warehouse lending process into a data-driven process with complete accountability and risk assessment functions in place.

When you Outsource Warehouse Line QC Audits Services you stand assured of benefits such as:

  • Access to a team of 1000+ QC audit professionals well versed with all aspects of warehouse lending
  • 10+ years of experience in providing comprehensive back office support for warehouse lenders
  • Services encompass focus on data integrity, risk assessment and document scrutiny
  • Multi step document verification process to maintain stringent quality levels in the audit process
  • Adherence to GSE regulatory guidelines
  • Services rendered with the latest technology and best industry practices
  • Capacity to scale up operations by 50% under increased work volumes
  • Reduction in operations costs by up to 40%

Looking for an experienced Warehouse Line QC Audits Services company to take charge of your audit process? Outsource Warehouse Line QC Audits Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance to make the most of a well-defined back office support structure.