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Mortgage Loss Mitigation Services

Loss Mitigation Services

Caught in the vortex of a staggering rise in mortgage delinquencies, complex set of borrower options and stricter underwriting standards investors today badly need a robust strategy to mitigate recurring losses. The overarching objective of the strategy should be to reach out to distressed borrowers, help them resolve issues, and deliver quality customer experience all while ensuring lender profitability.

To tailor a comprehensive loss mitigation strategy, lenders require adequate analysis and decision-making skills, which may not be easy in the face of changing laws and increasing delinquency rates. Outsourced loss mitigation services can help lenders significantly lower the costs and risks associated with the process. Expert Mortgage Assistance’s loss mitigation solutions allow lenders to effectively manage their troubled assets end-to-end.

From basic processing of documents to more complex functions requiring borrower outreach and market analysis, we cover the entire spectrum of loss mitigation. Our team of loss mitigation experts excel in creating unique solutions for unique situation and thus have, over the years, delivered significant value to lenders and borrowers alike.

Expert Mortgage Assistance Loss Mitigation Services

We offer a wide range of loss mitigation services for both big and small investors. These include:

  • Borrower Solicitation Services
  • Custom Loan Modification Services
  • Short Sale Management
  • Foreclosure Management

How we work

Our cutting edge solutions, designed specifically to mitigate losses to mortgage stakeholders, has helped us establish ourselves as the industry leader in mortgage loss mitigation services. We leverage our expertise to assist our clients in the following ways:

  • Deploy predictive analytics to identify at-risk borrowers
  • Provide Inbound/ outbound borrower contact support
  • Tailor borrower-friendly solutions with the help of experts with experience in loss mitigation
  • Provide back office services to support loan modifications, repayment plans, H4H, HSA, forbearance, partial claims, short sale, deed-in-lieu etc.
  • Collect data related to property valuations, lien positions)
  • Collect borrower documents
  • Collect case resolution documents with the investor/ servicer

Why Choose Expert Mortgage Assistance Loss Mitigation Services

We strive to build true partnership to drive improvements in efficiency, service, revenue and quality. When you team up with us you can be assured of the following:

  • High level of service with fast turnaround time
  • Improved cost management
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Absolute regulatory compliance

The aforementioned benefits can help you scale your business as needed, without having to bother about closing ratio efficiency.

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