Outsource Title Policy and Document Retrieval Services

We adopt a systematic approach to mortgage document retrieval and guarantee fast turnaround times and accuracy of information

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing back-office support for lenders with title policy and mortgage document retrieval process. From title policy retrieval to the finalization of post-closing requirements, we compile a complete portfolio of all the required documents in a mortgage transaction. As a global title policy and document retrieval services company, we recover certified copies of the final title policy in a time-bound and accurate manner.

We bank on a well-developed process to retrieve critical documents such as deed of trust and title information of the mortgage transaction. Our systematic retrieval solution consists of a series of process each of which may hinge on repeated attempts. With such a relentless approach, your loan closing process, get the efficiency it requires to close the process seamlessly. Once we retrieve important docs like title policy, we carry out a thorough review to ensure what you get in hand is accurate. It is because of this robust approach that our clients outsource title policy and document retrieval services to us.

Our Comprehensive Title Policy and Document Retrieval Services

Title Search Services

As an experienced mortgage document retrieval services company, we undertake an in-depth review of a property to identify voluntary and involuntary liens and other liabilities associated with it. This uncovers all title related issues with a property and improves the quality of your loan closing process. To ensure on time retrieval, we bank om a series of escalating attempts with the title company, closing agent or underwriter. Our title retrieval service takes care of documents such as property ownership, tax receipts, and missing policies to ensure that you have access to the most updated and accurate property title information at all times.

Recorded Document Retrieval Services

We bank on advanced information systems to retrieve copies of real estate documents. These may include documents like deed, deed of trust, assignment, POA etc. Our retrieval service covers every jurisdictions and comes packed with the speed and accuracy needed to satisfy your closing requirements. We keep you updated with the status of retrieval. Outsource mortgage document retrieval service to us for a robust back office support structure.

Title Policy Retrieval and Verification

We offer a systematic and linear solution to the search and retrieval of title policies. We liaise with title companies to source title policy information seamlessly. We use multiple partners and networks to provide you with title policy information in a timely manner. We have successfully managed to streamline a resource-intensive process for maximum advantage with our title policy retrieval service.

Mortgage Information Service

Our mortgage information service is designed to provide vital information to lenders on demand. We provide specialized and authenticated reports based on lender request. This includes specific details of customer, property, title insurance information and on area-based property rates. We verify the information multiple times to ensure high levels of accuracy.

Research and Tracking

We track down mortgage companies to fulfil missing assignments with mortgage transactions. Our research services enable you to resolve issues with non-performing loans, bringing down your loan rejection rates, significantly. Our research service focuses on completing missing information in mortgage assignments at competitive prices and increased success rate.

Why Outsource Title Policy and Document Retrieval Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We use modern-day document management systems, online databases and proprietary resources to retrieve mortgage documents and the title policy of a mortgage transaction. Our services are designed to benefit your entire mortgage process with the timely delivery of even the most complex mortgage files like the certified copy of the deed of trust. We implement systematic procedures that use a checklist based system of mortgage document retrieval to drive efficiency in your closing process. We also provide you with customized reports that include property ownership reports, property tax information and more to help you make well-informed decisions during loan approval.

Here are some of the benefits that you get by employing our services as a title policy and document retrieval services company:

  • Access to a team of 1000+ mortgage professionals with wide experience in the mortgage industry
  • Use of document management systems and proprietary databases for fast and accurate document retrieval times
  • Multi-tier document verification steps to verify accuracy of information on the retrieved mortgage documents
  • Wide experience in title search, title policy retrieval and customer related documents
  • Well-defined workflow to right escalation matrix to ensure timely retrieval
  • Up to 30% reduction in operational costs
  • 24x7 operations from 8 global delivery centers

Looking for an expert title policy and document retrieval services company to assist you with your loan closing process and title management? Outsource title policy and document retrieval services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for a world class solution.