Outsource Mortgage Pre-Processing Services for Quick and Reliable Results

Our mortgage pre-processing services are designed to promote high levels of accuracy in customer information gathered while achieving faster turnaround times.

Expert Mortgage Assistance offers credit unions and lenders comprehensive mortgage pre-processing support services. We help you eliminate repetitive labor and process-related delays to initiate mortgage loans quickly. Our process expertise lies in producing precision while processing borrower details using automated tech.

Having established ourselves as a premier provider of mortgage pre-processing services, we are a top choice for mortgage lenders and credit unions in the USA because of our customer-centric solutions.

Take Advantage of All-inclusive Mortgage Pre-Processing Services

We provide mortgage pre-processing services uniquely suited to match your business objectives, covering every stage of the loan application process for quick mortgage processing, expedited closures, and transparent customer services.

Rate Lock Management

We provide individualized rate lock services tailored to your business goals. By comprehending the impact on your organization, we deliver the attention to data quality required by the entire rate-lock process. We oversee the process to ensure that loan applicants get a feasible, timely response. Our commitment to the customer is to provide timely, accurate, and reliable rate-lock management for prompt transactions.

CAIVARS Verification

We lend our expertise to examine borrower details and cross-verify any instances of past-due federal non-tax debt. Every applicant’s profile is run through the CAIVARS system adhering to the Debt Collection Improvement Act. A diligent and detailed credit check and debt verification eliminates the risks involved in mortgage processing, ensuring quicker loan approvals.

1003 Review

We analyze documents involved in mortgage pre-processing, like Form 1003 that’s submitted to lenders. By validating the application against acquired applicant details, we run thorough background checks on every mortgage application. To obtain missing or inaccurate information, we maintain a live communication channel with every borrower.

MERS Check

To follow the development of all your mortgage loan approvals, our team at Expert Mortgage Assistance generates detailed customer reports and updates the MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) portal. You can thus keep track of every application approved by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. We also monitor customer profiles to ensure that applicants do not have any active loans, after which our underwriters validate the mortgage processing requests.

Loan Estimation Review

All the financial data required to meet loan conditions are gathered to create a loan estimate form. Once the applicant data matches the required criteria, we calculate and assemble a loan estimate sent to the customer with all the information they need to make an informed decision. We maintain a searchable database of all borrower details that’s organized for easy access.

Generation of Disclosures

Our skilled mortgage practitioners leverage the latest CRM tools and automated workflows to offer you expedited and complete mortgage processing assistance. Based on the loan estimates issued, we produce all loan disclosures and inform the borrower of legal terms and federal regulations. Our reliable technology-driven workflows empower lenders with efficient mortgage pre-processing services that stand the test of fluctuating markets and evolving consumer preferences.

By leveraging the talent onboard and taking advantage of our streamlined mortgage pre-processing services, you will benefit from reduced turnaround times for quicker closures and reliable customer support services.

Outsource Mortgage Pre-processing Services for Increased Transparency

With over 1000 trained and highly skilled mortgage professionals working full-time, we have more than a decade of experience in handling mortgage processing services. To provide you with a tactical edge, we use multi-tier quality checks and specialized teams to handle regulatory requirements. Outsource mortgage pre-processing to Expert Mortgage Assistance to assure top-notch customer service, enhanced business delivery, and 100% data accuracy.

What’s more? We offer round-the-clock support from our eight global delivery centers that take pride in diversity, inclusion, and an unwavering commitment to holistic business transformation.