Mortgage Pre-Closing Support Services

Our back office support for mortgage pre-closing will ensure your loan approval process is up to 30% faster and meets GSE regulatory compliance

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing lenders with back office support in mortgage pre-closing. Our services help lenders manage the bulk of their loan pre-closing document validation and regulatory compliance functions. From obtaining down payments to finalizing closing costs, securing certificates and customer signatures on disclosures, we provide an all-inclusive solution for all pre-closing need. Our services enable lenders to adhere to Federal Laws and GSE regulations effectively, eliminating the risk of harsh penalties and unpleasant legal consequences arising from errors in document management and compliance.

As a global mortgage pre-closing support services company, we bring the right mix of well-established workflow and a team of industry experts to provide you with robust pre-closing service. Our clients have leveraged this to improve the quality and the pace of their loan approval process. Outsource Mortgage pre-closing support services to us and make your mortgage process more lean and efficient

Our Mortgage Pre-Closing Support Services

Customer Insurance Management

We use a fine blend of technology and compliance expertise to keep a track of the loan application process. We bear the responsibility of obtaining insurance for the end customer to protect them from unforeseen consequences. By obtaining and notifying your customers on the status of their insurance, we help you enhance your reputation as a customer-centric mortgage provider.

Down Payment and Closing Costs

We collect the cashier's cheque from the bank that is funding the mortgage loan transaction. We calculate and include all additional loan closing costs as a part of our mortgage pre-closing review service. We liaise closely with your attorney, the financial institute and the client to augment the quality of your pre closing service.

Payoff Statement Management

We review payoff statements meticulously to ascertain the accuracy and quality of the information included in them. We double check payment schedules interest rates loan amount and the remaining balance before dispatching the payoff statement to the lender to be be forwarded to the borrower. We deliver the most accurate information possible to the borrowers about their mortgage loans.

Loan Disclosure Form Preparation

We prepare all the final details about the Mortgage Loan in the form of a loan disclosure. We closely follow changes in the procedures associated with the closing disclosure form as per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau(CFPB). Our high-quality mortgage pre-closing services pave the way for a smooth and expedite closing process.

Pre-Closing Audits

We conduct periodic audits to constantly evaluate the quality of our services. We perform a detailed review of all vital loan documents like customer information, appraisal report and insurance documents and scan the information present in them for errors and mistakes. Our meticulous review of loan documents eliminates the risk of disputes and legal consequences during the life cycle of a loan.

Why Outsource Mortgage Pre-Closing Support Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Our mortgage pre-closing support services reduce the chances of loans facing rejection due to the submission of erroneous documents. We specialize in document review and loan package validation which will ensure that all your purchase loans can be sold on the secondary securities market. We meticulously review the loan estimate, closing disclosure, escrow statements, government-mandated documents and promissory notes which are a part of the loan closing package using multi-step review processes. We bank on the latest document management tools and CRM systems to deliver our pre-closing support services. Our progressive approach will improve the overall pace of your loan approval process and also enhance your ability to handle higher loan volumes.

Here are some more of the many benefits that you get by choosing our services as a mortgage pre-closing support services company:-

  • A team of 1000+ highly experienced mortgage professionals with wide experience in pre-closing support
  • Use of the inhouse automated tool Msuite for document validation
  • Well established QC parameters to guarantee 99% accuracy
  • Multi-tier check of loan closing packages
  • Services designed to match GSE regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Guaranteed improvement in the pace of operations by up to 30%
  • Services from 8 global delivery centers to ensure faster turnaround times
  • Flexible work culture and far reaching adaptability to client requirements

Looking for a global mortgage pre-closing support services company to improve the quality of your loan pre-closing process? Outsource mortgage pre-closing support services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for a world class service