Mortgage Loan Servicing

Our mortgage loan servicing service helps lenders take care of a range of process requirements in a time and cost effective way

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing robust back office support services for mortgage loan servicing. We bring a great mix of an expert loan servicing team and advanced technology to help you provide high standards of customer service. Our services encompass all aspects of the mortgage loan servicing process and is fine-tuned to deliver quality services at cost-effective price. As a global mortgage loan servicing company, our end-to-end services has helped drive efficiency into the processes of several lenders and credit unions.

Our loan servicing services is designed to facilitate collection of interest, principal, and escrow payments from a borrower. We also specialize in loan boarding, tax administration, managing accounts receivables etc. for lenders. Our clients prefer to outsource mortgage loan servicing to us because we excel in helping them sustain increased cash flows and give them better control over the administration of loans.

Our Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Servicing Services

Loan Boarding

We possess in-depth knowledge of transferring the portfolio of a loan from one management system to another. Our experience encompasses boarding portfolios of all sizes. From routine boarding of additional contracts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to data integrity checks and exception reporting; and from verification of collaterals to customer education, we perform a range of loan boarding services with great expertise and professionalism.

Customer Research and Resolution

We leverage modern-day CRM and ERP systems to maintain accurate records of both existing and prospective customers. Maintaining such detailed records enables you to keep track of customer payment history, outstanding amounts, as well as customers who have showed interest in mortgages before backing out. Our back office support with the management of customer portfolios enables you to identify risks with customer payment. It also helps you manage and address customer queries more effectively.

Escrow Account Management

Our expert assistance with mortgage loan servicing enables you to keep a track of borrower escrow accounts in detail. From working with the loan originator to assist them in preparing Loan Estimate (LE) disclosure to the borrower according to guidelines to submitting certified copies of escrow instructions and amendments to lender; from receiving, identifying, and for arranging for borrower’s appointment to sign loan documents at a time convenient for borrower with escrow holder to ensuring title insurance requirements have been satisfied after the close of escrow. We produce periodic reports and statements to give you an idea of the level of surplus or shortage in a customer escrow account.

Tax Administration

We receive, manage and summarize customer payments in a systematic manner. With our tax administration model you can report tax items related to customer income. We assist you with making vital documents like form 1098 available online to the customer. We generate reports that itemize tax calculations and maintain them for customer reference and for audit by your finance department.

Cash Operations

As a premium mortgage loan servicing company we provide you with robust back office support in the management of your cash flow and accounts receivables slab. Our meticulous level of service, will help you maintain accurate records of the outstanding amounts that you are supposed to receive in the form of customer loan repayments. We leverage CRM systems to handle accounting and financial data management in order to bring optimum efficiency in the management of your cash flows.

Pay-off Quotes

Lenders are required to provide customers with details of the outstanding pay off amount on demand. We keep a track of the outstanding amount and provide accurate statements to a borrower when requested. We provide customers with a consolidated list of all the expenses that have accrued such as fees for the maintenance of an escrow account. When generating important financial reports such as pay off quotes we use a multi-tier verification process that assures high levels of accuracy in all the information included in it.

Why Outsource Mortgage Loan Servicing to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We have wide experience in helping lenders collect principal, interest and escrow payments from their portfolio of borrowers in a highly efficient manner and with complete accountability. We bank on technology and well-established procedures to handle the complexities of mortgage loan servicing. We assume the responsibility of maintaining your accounts receivables by keeping track of the principal amount and the interest paid on a mortgage loan. With a modernized approach to handling your loan servicing needs, you empower your business with industry standard best practices and modern day ERP technology to promote excellence in your mortgage loan servicing process.

The following are some of the benefits that you get by employing our services as a Mortgage Loan Servicing company:

  • Access to a team of 1000+ mortgage experts well versed with loan servicing best practices
  • Over 10+ years of experience in mortgage loan servicing
  • Specialized team to focus on the quality of loan servicing
  • Expert team to for looking into compliance issues
  • High levels of data security and backup support
  • Highly scalable operations by up to 50%
  • Reduction in operations costs by up to 30%
  • 24x& operations from global delivery centers

Looking for an experienced mortgage loan servicing company to assist you with your loan servicing requirements? Outsource mortgage loan servicing to Expert Mortgage Assistance to improve the efficiency of your business and achieve greater levels of customer service