Outsource REO Accounting and Valuation Services

Our accurate REO accounts maintenance systems and property valuation services enable lenders to sell REO properties without incurring losses

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing comprehensive back office support for lenders with the management, sale and maintenance of financial data of REO properties. Our REO accounting and valuation services has facilitated the process of liquidating REO properties. The objective of our service is to maximize loss recovery and minimize business risks originating from foreclosures. Our experience as a global REO accounting and valuation services company makes us the ideal candidate to handle all types of REO accounts. We help you sell non-performing properties in the fastest possible turnaround times.

We are made up of a team of mortgage and financial experts well versed with the risks associated with the sale of REO properties. Our established process has evolved over the years to become one of the most diligent REO account management systems. With this system, we have been widely successful in assisting lenders maintain and upkeep the quality of the property without incurring significant losses till the time it is sold. This is precisely why our clients always prefer tooutsource REO accounting and valuation services to us.

Our Comprehensive REO Accounting and Valuation Services

Property Accounts Management

We provide expert back-office support for maintenance and management of property accounts. We keep a tab of the expenses incurred by you in the maintenance of an REO property. We ensure that your business retains profitability by analyzing all aspects of REO property maintenance that are incurring a significant expenditure. We create reports and forecast vital financial data like the minimum selling price of the property, to ensure that you are able to maintain a balance between mortgage recovery and property sale. Our accounting services enable you to get the best price for REO properties in short turnaround times.

REO Property Valuation

We use new competitive listings and sales that have closed recently (ideally in the last 30 days) to create MMRs or monthly marketing reports which can be used by the asset manager to negotiate for the sale of the REO property. We facilitate the listing of broker price opinions periodically in order to save costs and reduce expenditure on appraisals for properties that do not attract buyers. We provide constant feedback to the asset manager about the value of the property based on the opinion of buyers and real estate agents along with supporting documents. We follow a systematic approach to the maintenance of all reports that help determine the value of the REO property.

Property Appraisal

We provide foreclosure appraisal services as an extension of our REO property valuation service to help you deal with the special dynamics of the process. We enable you to understand the difference between the fair market value and the quick disposition value of a property to arrive at a convincing value of the property We use statistical tools and the automated valuation model (AVM) to determine the ideal sale value of your property. Our team of mortgage experts are proficient with analytics and statistical techniques. As an experienced REO accounting and valuation company we provide reliable and trustworthy price values.

Audits and Verification Services

The smallest of mistakes in financial reports, appraisal reports and property documents can translate into expensive lawsuits. This can add on to the losses that you are already incurring with an underperforming property. We provide diligent and accurate auditing services to uncover discrepancies in REO accounts and documentation. We conduct periodic audits on archived reports and financial data to protect you from the risks involved in the business. We bank on CRM systems and analytical tools to carry out financial and reporting audits that ensure that your operations are free of errors and risks.

Why Outsource REO accounting and Valuation Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Our REO accounting and valuation services are based on a linear approach to the management of non-performing properties. We create and maintain accurate records of your expenses incurred in property maintenance. We complement this with our back-office support to help you determine an accurate valuation of a defaulted property to save you from underselling the property. We are a global REO accounting and valuation services company, with a proven track record of mitigating losses for lenders.

Some of the benefits that you get by choosing our services include:

  • Access to a team of 1000+ mortgage experts with experience in REO account management and property valuation
  • Over 10 years of experience in REO account management and property valuation
  • Assistance with property listing for sale and property appraisal
  • Quality in the maintenance and management of REO accounts
  • Multi-tier document verification steps to maintain accuracy in accounts and property reports
  • In depth knowledge of the automation evaluation model to determine an accurate estimate of property value
  • Use of cutting edge financial tools and CRM systems to maintain accounting and REO property information
  • Up to 30% reduction in the time taken for property sale
  • Up to 30% reduction in costs

Looking for an experienced REO accounting and valuation services company to handle the accounts of your REO properties? Outsource REO Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for a comprehensive solution.