Outsource Non-qm Mortgage Loans Processing Services

Our comprehensive non-qm loans processin helps you tailor the best solutions for credit-impaired borrowers

Disbursing non-qm loans is always risky, and more cumbersome as there are many unique requirements. To process these non-qm loans you need highly skilled resources. Most borrowers opt for non-qm loans, requiring you have the means to process them all. To this end we present you our solutions suite which hasall the resources, tools, and directions you need to serve the non-qm borrowers.

Expert Mortgage Assistance has more than a decade of experience in providing robust back-office support to mortgage lenders in the processing non-qm loans. Our solutions suite includes all aspects of non-qm mortgage loans, right from pre-qualification to post-closing. We maintain a perfect balance of sophisticated automation technologies and skilled human resources to help you provide an enhanced borrowing experience to your non-qm mortgage loan customers.

Our End-to-End Non Qm Loans Services

Pre-Processing Support

Our streamlined approach involves screening documents, ordering appraisals, loan applications, and locking the rate. We leverage mortgage automation tools to create intelligent workflows for extracting and indexing loan documents such as bank statements, relaxed employment history, rental income proof, and others. Our experienced team scrutinizes all the documents to conclude a non-qm mortgage loan borrower’s eligibility.

Appraisal Services

Our end-to-end support for the property appraisal process includes ordering the first and second rounds of appraisals on your behalf and reviewing the appraisal report upon completion. Our experts cross verify to establish the appropriate evaluation of the borrower’s property. We focus on critical details like title information, property sales history, and so on.

Underwriting Services

We support your underwriters by providing accurate information at the right time. This is critical as underwriters need to take an unconventional and careful approach to establish borrowers’ credit worthiness. It includes ensuring that the maximum debt to income ratio does not exceed 50%. However, we assist underwriters to make discretions when the ratio limit is exceeded. We leverage an automated underwriting system to elevate the quality of all the underwriting backend tasks. This is also critical for you to keep track and stay compliant with the dynamic regulations pertaining to non-qm mortgage loans.

Closing Support

Our non-qm loans experts adhere to every federal and state laws that govern non-qualified mortgage disbursement. With a view of the unconventional side of non qm loans, we conduct a thorough evaluation of property titles and information integrity before you release the loan. We also do everything to assist underwriters to expedite their loan approval time so that you can release the loan before the standard TAT and without any compromise on quality.

Post-Closing Support

Post clearance from the underwriter, we create a non-qm mortgage loan package ready to be disbursed to the borrower. Our experts validate important documents such as bank statements, credit history, past transactions to ensure that there is no discrepancy in the borrowers’ financial integrity. Such validation is critical to protect your interest in a weak credit environment.

Why Outsource Non-QM Mortgage Loan Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We have the required resource and experience to help lenders address all complexities associated with disbursing non qm loans and deliver an outstanding borrower experience. Our automation tool helps you to maneuver all the complexities of the document management system, while keeping it highly compliant with pertinent regulations. We scale up our resources and configure our tools to match the current needs of non-qualified mortgage lenders.

The following are some of the key benefits of our non-qm mortgage services:

  • Over a decade of experience in supporting and managing end-to-end non qm mortgage loan processing.
  • A huge talent pool of over 1000 specialists with extensive experience in supporting a wide range of non-qm loans.
  • Robust back-office support for a strict evaluation of borrowers’ financial proof such as bank statements, phone bills, insurance payments, and so on.
  • Experience up to 30% reduction in operational costs.
  • Our 24x7 delivery model helps in a 30% reduction in TAT.
  • Operations and resources that are highly scalable.
  • Guarantee 100% data security.

Looking for a reliable non qm mortgage processing company to handle your operations? Outsource non qualified mortgage loan services to Expert Mortgage Assistance to witness 4x improvement in productivity and operational efficiency within a short span of time.