Outsource Whole Loan Purchase Review Services

Our whole loan purchase review services are designed to ensure your mortgage loans meet the regulatory standards of the secondary securities market

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in helping lenders deal with the purchase readiness of a loan in the secondary market. Our services identify and implement policies that improve the transparency of your loan production process. We assist you in maintaining the accuracy and completeness of your loan portfolio by making sure that the loan meets Federal credit and eligibility standards. We use a fine blend of technology, industry expertise and highly qualified personnel to implement an efficient review system of your loan portfolio.

We use a checklist-based approach to collect and register mandatory supporting documents. We follow this up with regular audits and loan review processes to fulfil the compliance requirements of federal agencies. As a premium whole loan purchase review services company, we provide complete back office support to you to approve loans that are eligible for sale in the secondary market. Outsource whole loan purchase review services to us for robust back office support for the entire process.

Our Comprehensive Whole Loan Purchase Review Services

Regulatory Compliance Review

Our compliance review services are designed to ensure that a loan complies with the federal laws of the state. We use automated compliance and underwriting systems to conduct a comprehensive review of mortgage loans. This helps us carry out vital compliance checks with accuracy.

Credit Check

We determine the borrower's ability and willingness to repay the loan amount, with our credit check review service. We analyze the income and assets of the borrower to determine if they can support all the obligations of the loan according to its terms and conditions. We review borrower creditworthiness and generate detailed reports containing our findings, periodically. Our credit check review system is designed to identify any scope of error or misrepresentation with the borrower's credit record.

Data Quality Assurance

We process all your loan origination system(LOS) data in details to verify the accuracy of the information in loan records. Our team of experts are well trained in data validation techniques. We also use mortgage automation software to improve the quality of data. With our team of experts handling your data flow, you can be certain that only high quality and the thoroughly verified information is being digitized onto your CRM system.

Portfolio Analysis

We conduct a proactive review of all the loans in your portfolio. Our portfolio analysis determines the exposure originating from repurchase demands. We develop and implement strategies to reduce repurchase and establish an effective risk management process. We implement industry standard technology and workflows to conduct a meticulous review of all your loans that are queued up for the closing process.

Service History Review

As a global whole loan purchase review service company, we provide robust back office support with the validation of loan service history. We follow servicer comments closely and uncover all issues related to property title, bankruptcy, litigation, liens and other profound issues that may affect the resale of the loan in the secondary market. We provide your organization a high level of detail in service history review to protect your business interests and to ascertain the purchase ready state of a mortgage loan.

Why Outsource Whole Loan Purchase Review Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Our review services are designed to identify missing information and compliance issues with a loan before you initiate the closing process. We adopt a systematic and a detail-oriented approach to our services that reduce the risks associated with the loan approval process. We use modern day cutting-edge CRM and document management systems to deliver high accuracy levels. Our extensive exposure to industry standards enables us to deliver services that are best on best practices. As a whole loan purchase review services company, we are a trusted service partner in the US mortgage domain.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should choose our services as a whole loan purchase review company:

  • 10+ years of experience in providing quality whole loan review services
  • Use of document management, CRM and mortgage process automation to achieve consistency and standardization of loan data quality
  • Reporting services that give you summarized information on loan life cycle and review stage
  • Multi-tier information review system to achieve high levels of accuracy
  • Dedicated compliance team to review compliance requirement meticulously
  • Round the clock support from 8 global delivery centers
  • Up to 40% reduction in cost of operations
  • 100% data confidentiality and back up support

Looking for a whole loan purchase review services company to improve the transparency and consistency of your loan production process? Outsource loan purchase review services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for most assured and reliable services.