Outsource Mortgage Underwriting Support for Credit Unions

Our comprehensive mortgage underwriting process for credit unions is designed to help them assess borrower creditworthiness in an error-free way

Expert Mortgage Assistance is an experienced loan underwriting company with a team of high-skilled professionals and advanced tools that allows us to deliver low-cost, accurate loan underwriting services to credit unions. We understand the unique requirements of your business and assure you reliable support throughout the mortgage underwriting process. We not only analyse your mortgage loans and assess borrower creditworthiness, but also evaluate risk and other associated activities

Credit unions follow a different approach than traditional lenders when it comes to lending. They not only offer relatively low mortgage rates but also provide faster closing and reasonable closing costs. However, credit unions are also more conservative in their lending practices and follow a stricter mortgage underwriting process. As a result, credit unions have to jump more hoops in evaluating borrower applications and assessing their repayment capacity.

Loan underwriting in itself is a complex process that requires exhaustive analysis of the information provided by applicant with absolutely no room for error. Add to this the extra burden of maintaining low costs, keeping up with the compliance requirements, and processing more applications to stay profitable. Needless to say, many credit unions find it in their best interest to outsource mortgage underwriting process to a reliable mortgage underwriting support company in order to stay afloat.

We Provide Comprehensive Mortgage Underwriting Support Services to Credit Unions

As a leading loan underwriting company, we are adept at handling all your backend mortgage underwriting requirements efficiently. Some of our services include:

Underwriting Automation

When you outsource loan underwriting process to us, we employ state-of-the-art underwriting software and systems that are designed to provide real-time insights about a borrower to a credit union. All our systems are 100% compliant with the regulatory requirements. We assure our clients that we will process all the documents and resubmissions accurately to meet the compliance requirement.

Risk Management

As your official loan underwriting partner, it is our duty to carefully assess all the applicants carefully and weed out any potentially risky ones. We have a team of highly competent underwriters and a tight mortgage underwriting process that adheres to credit union policies to the rote. We will only pursue a high-risk application if the credit union wants us to do it. At the same time, we also help our clients understand the scope of risks that can result in regulatory penalties.

Meeting Loan Requirements

As a leading loan underwriting company, we handle all the tasks associated with application validation against loan conditions. We use both automated and manual underwriting mortgage process to help credit unions meet their mortgage requirements quickly and affordably. We also help our clients procure all the necessary information such as late payment explanations, employment checks, employment gaps, funds etc.

Title & Appraisal Review

We perform comprehensive mortgage title reviews and appraisal reviews that are a crucial part of mortgage underwriting process. When you outsource loan underwriting to us, you don't need to employ additional resources to carry out these mandatory checks. We have a team of experienced underwriters, appraisers, and mortgage processors that can help you with most of these tasks and save you from incurring additional cost of hiring more resources. Credit unions can benefit from the expertise of these skilled professionals required to review these loans, especially the ones that cannot be reviewed via automated systems. Through our streamlined processes, we ensure that credit unions get their appraisal done accurately and quickly.

Our Mortgage Underwriting Process is Known for its Quality Standards

Mortgage environment continues to be unpredictable and if things go the way they are, it will soon stop being profitable too. For credit unions to stay successful and in business, they must not only keep the costs low, but also maintain its high quality. The only way is to outsource mortgage underwriting to a reliable vendor that can manage the work load in a cost-effective manner and preserve the quality too.

Expert Mortgage Assistance has the experience in underwriting process to deliver error-free results and help you focus on other business development activities. We use advanced underwriting tools such as Automated Underwriting System (AUS) to validate the data. We also have added layers of checks to ensure complete accuracy. Additionally, our experience in the industry has allowed us to gain an intuitive insight into potential risks in mortgage underwriting process. We understand that the credit unions are highly pro-clients. Sometimes credit unions are open to making special considerations in some cases. This is the reason we manually process applications that have been flagged by our systems as high-risk. We also identify data inconsistency with professionalism and relative ease. Our well-rounded loan underwriting process makes as in ideal partner to outsource loan underwriting services.

Why Outsource Mortgage Underwriting Process to EMA

By outsourcing loan underwriting process to us, you get the following benefits:

  • Access to 200+ fulltime processors and underwriters
  • 99% accuracy in loan underwriting
  • 30% reduction in turnaround time
  • 40% reduction in operations cost per employee
  • Up to 80% scalability during peak times
  • Personalized service
  • Exceptional credit analysis and negotiation skills
  • Loan structuring while maintaining the balance between borrower expectations and CU goals
  • Outstanding service to all stakeholders
  • Flexible pricing models

Looking for a reliable offshore loan underwriting company? Outsource loan underwriting process to Expert Mortgage Assistance to make your process more accurate and time-bound.