Outsource Mortgage Discretionary Pre-Fund QC Audits Services

Our services enable lenders to conduct an in-depth review of discretionary-based loan portfolios before the loans are dispatched to the closing stages

Expert mortgage assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing robust back office support to lenders in managing discretionary pre-fund target QC audits. Our services focus on specific areas of loan documents that may pose higher levels of risk due to errors, misrepresentation or fraud. Pre-fund QC audits are a lender’s final chance to identify errors before it reaches the loan closing process. Our services as an expert discretionary pre-fund QC audit services company enable you to ensure high quality in all loan transactions present in your loan portfolio.

Our services are designed to provide quick turnaround times with comprehensive loan portfolio examination. We help you reduce discretionary errors like income calculation and identify discrepancies in the underwriting system used by your organization before loan closing is initiated. Our services are compliant with Fannie Mae regulations. Outsource discretionary pre-fund QC audit services to us to bank on best industry practices and expertise in the pre-fund selection process.

Our End-to-End Mortgage Discretionary Pre-Fund QC Audit Services

Underwriting Process Review

We follow a systematic pre-fund selection and review process to verify the effectiveness of your mortgage underwriting process. Loans that have cleared underwriting successfully have the maximum chances of approval. However, the possibility of overlooking underlying risks originating from missing or wrong property and customer information during the underwriting stage is always high. Besides meticulous review, we multi-tier quality check to uncover inconsistencies in information in all selected loans.

Information Validation

As a premium discretionary pre-fund QC audit services company, we follow a checklist-based approach in verifying the documents submitted by the borrowers. This includes documents such as W-2 forms, pay stubs, property ownership history and borrower tax return reports. We validate all the data that is entered into the AUS. This includes appraisal valuation data mortgage insurance review and income calculation reports.

Risk Assessment

Our back office support with risk assessment ensures that you do not have to face legal consequences arising from property disputes at the time of liens release. We closely screen all loan documents to identify the risks associated with the closing of the loan. In the event of the slightest doubt regarding the information included in the loan packages, we flag it so that it can be removed from the loan closing pipeline. Our approach to discretionary reviews ensures an error-free loan portfolio, leading to faster loan closing times.

Final Document Review

We specialize in conducting a final review of the loan package before it is dispatched to the closing stages. Special attention is paid to high risk loans i.e. ones with poor credit scores or low FICO scores, so that bad loans do not get cleared due to oversight.

Compliance Review

Our services are designed to match the regulatory requirements of Fannie Mae. We bank on automated compliance tools to price and address all red flags uncovered by them. We retain all documentation that is used to resolve compliance issues with borrower loans. We re-evaluate your pre- fund QC plan on a regular basis to ensure that it is up to date with current trends and regulatory guidelines. Our periodic compliance review services establish realistic turnaround times for pre-funds. We make changes to the compliance review process as and when new regulations are released by Fannie Mae.

Why Outsource Discretionary Pre-Fund Targeted QC Audit Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Our discretionary pre-fund QC audit services keep a track of investor and lender requirements and regulations for a loan that change constantly. Our team of mortgage experts are experienced and knowledgeable professionals with numerous years of relevant experience to perform refund audits. Get an in-depth feedback based on your level of adherence to Fannie Mae guidelines for pre-fund audits. Our services bring down the cost of your mortgage quality control introducing innovative techniques and cutting-edge modern age software tools like document management systems to make discretionary selections more effective and robust. The selection criteria range from investment properties, high-risk credit scores to cash out refinances and low FICO scores. Our diligent services is streamlined to guarantee that your entire loan portfolio is Fannie Mae purchase ready.

The following are some of the many benefits that you get by choosing our services as a discretionary pre-fund QC audit company:

  • Team of 1000+ mortgage experts with wide exposure to loan QC and audit services
  • A well-established multi-tier discretionary review system to ensure high levels of quality in audit
  • Monthly reports to analyze inconsistencies in lender free funding process
  • Reduced risk of misrepresentation information error and fraud
  • Reduction in total turnaround times by up to 30%
  • In depth verification of important customer data such as social security number, status of employment tax returns etc
  • Flexibility to scale up operational workload by 50% depending upon requirements

Looking for a global discretionary pre-fund QC audits company to handle your pre-fund review process and audits? Outsource discretionary pre-fund QC audits to Expert Mortgage Assistance for a top-notch back office support services.