Mortgage Virtual Assistant Services

As a loan officer, meeting your to-do list can become unmanageable most of the times. Yet, it’s important to catch up with this balancing act so that you can focus on what matters the most. So how do you go about achieving this? Simple – by outsourcing your secondary tasks to virtual staff overseas. While mortgage virtual assistants have been a great help to loan officers since the role came into being, in a pandemic age they have proved to be invaluable assets. And hiring them in digital age has never been easier.

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in assisting loan officers by providing them with an experienced and best virtual assistants to expand their bandwidth and make them more productive. Besides having a deep knowledge of mortgage processing requirements, our virtual assistants excel in maintaining pipelines and preparing marketing materials to ensure you work more with prospects and less with secondary tasks.

Our Virtual Assistant Services for Mortgage Loan Officers

Our virtual assistants excel in the following jobs:

Customer Interaction

If timely communication is key to building relationships with potential borrowers, our remote assistants will assist you stay connected with your customers when you are busy. You can bank on their interaction skills to:

  • Stay in touch with prospects to ensure they call you when the need arises
  • Provide timely communication to borrowers about the status of their file
  • Make proactive outbound calls to customers who have inquired about mortgage products through multiple channels
  • Receive incoming calls and follow up with prospects from marketing lists

Mortgage Process Support

If you have an experienced mortgage virtual assistant, all mortgage tasks related to loan onboarding becomes a breeze. Our assistants will ready all the files and move it to the processing stage. Here’s how our assistants can be handy:

  • Create an application and fill up the 1003 in the LOS
  • Work with borrowers for collecting initial documents
  • Index documents within LOS place holders and input data as needed
  • Help processors in collecting supporting documents to clear underwriting conditions

Calendar Management

Leave your date and time management to our virtual assistants and they will ensure you don’t miss out on anything any day. Be it support in times of emergency to rescheduling appointments when a meeting runs late, they take care of it all.

  • Schedule and track meeting sessions with new leads and existing clients after checking your availability
  • Reorganize, reschedule, or cancel appointments and update the same to all stakeholders
  • Type up meeting notes or transcribe audio from meetings
  • Schedule follow ups and outline actions items from a meeting

How to Hire our Virtual Assistant

1.Pick your Assistant

We’ll look into your requirements and connect you with assistants who meet your needs. You can cherry pick one among them.

2.Explain Workflow

You explain your workflow and nitty gritty like how to share files, communicate, track time with your assistant.

3. Delegate Tasks

Your virtual assistant starts working for you as per your local time. You delegate tasks accordingly.

Why Choose Our Virtual Assistants?

Our Virtual Assistants are some of the best professionals in the world because:

  • They are highly trained mortgage professionals with knowledge of mortgage products, policies, procedures and of basic automated underwriting systems
  • Knowledge of federal and state agency mortgage loan guidelines and regulations through in-house training program
  • Proficient with software such Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, and other basic software
  • Possess excellent multi-tasking skills and are well organized, detailed and work with a sense of urgency and responsiveness
  • Excellent sales skills with focus on customer service; flexible and can adapt quickly to changing priorities

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