Outsource Jumbo Mortgage Loan Processing Services

Our back office support for jumbo mortgage loans is designed to help lenders identify and eliminate all associated risks

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing dependable and high-quality back office support for lenders who service jumbo mortgage loans. We have wide experience in dealing with these loans which have more risks associated with their approval process due to their non-conforming nature with GSE regulations. We implement customized workflows designed to accurately verify borrower credit requirements, determine loan down payment values and interest rates as well as property appraisal reports in your jumbo loan approval process.

As a global jumbo mortgage loan services company our services enable you to minimize the risks associated with the approval of large loan amounts associated with jumbo loans. Our specialized services boost the efficiency of your specialization in the mortgage industry as a jumbo loans mortgage lender. Outsource jumbo mortgage loan services to us for world class services that help you reduce your operational costs.

Our All Inclusive Jumbo Mortgage Loan Services

Loan Pre- Approval and Application

As an expert jumbo loan services company, we successfully identify the repayment potential of borrowers in the pre-approval step. We collect all the required information from the borrower such as credit scores and the copy of employment history and tax returns. We follow your eligibility criteria for a borrower down to the last detail in the pre-approval step. We then assist the borrower with the completion of form 1003 and W2 forms to initiate the loan approval process. Our expert pre-approval process enables you to identify borrower who have the maximum probability of repaying the jumbo loan successfully.

Loan Processing

We adopt a checklist-based approach to receiving vital borrower documents like the declaration of credit scores, borrower pay slips, declaration of income and past loan repayment records. We use each one of these borrower details to accurately determine the risks associated with approving the loan for a particular borrower. Our mortgage loan processing service takes into account the heightened risks associated with the jumbo mortgage loan approval process.

Appraisal Ordering and Management

We take charge of the property appraisal process right from scheduling it, to the delivery of files containing our preliminary analysis of the market value of the property to the appraiser. Our services enable the property appraiser to select appropriate steps in the appraisal process to ensure that they furnish an accurate estimate of the property to be funded with the jumbo loan. Upon the completion of the appraisal process, we review the report submitted by the property appraiser to uncover errors and issues with property liens.

Loan Underwriting Services

Our loan underwriting services involve the in-depth review and evaluation of all the loan documents that are to be sent for underwriting. We re-confirm and validate all vital information such as the property appraisal report, supporting documents supplied by the borrower, property details, mortgage insurance details, loan amount, interest rates and repayment terms before it is sent to the underwriter for approval. Our mortgage underwriting services are designed to make the work of your underwriter hassle-free and accurate. We enable the underwriter to make the best possible decision during the loan approval process.

Loan Closing and Funding

Once the loan has been approved, we compile the loan closing package. We create disclaimers, letters containing the official jumbo loan approval records and other documents containing the approved amount and repayment schedule. We arrange for the release and transfer of loan amount to the property owner by choosing the financial institutes. We follow a checklist-based approach to include documents that require customer signatures in the closing packages as well.

Why Outsource Jumbo Mortgage Loan Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We bring a sublime blend of industry experts, contemporary technology and customized workflows to help you maintain a high-quality jumbo loan approval process. Our services are customizable based on the varying requirements of lenders. We use tools like custom document management systems with automation features to ramp up the efficiency and productivity of your operations. Our team of experts are flexible enough to cope with the increased asset and documentation requirements of jumbo loans which ultimately cements your reputation as a premium jumbo loans service provider with your customers. Our meticulous approach to the work process and attention to detail in loan documents validation and verification is a testament to the quality of our services.

Here are the advantages that you get by choosing our services as a jumbo mortgage loan services company:-

  • A team of 1000+ mortgage experts with vast experience in servicing non-conforming jumbo loans
  • High quality services that enable you to successfully meet the custom regulatory requirements of private investors and securitized private capital providers
  • Use of the latest document management tools and CRM systems for loan boarding and document verification
  • Meticulous review and verification of borrower credit scores, eligibility requirements
  • Multi-tier document verification steps to ensure accuracy of information included in loan documents
  • Improvement in loan turnaround times by 30%
  • Robust data backup and security
  • Flexibility to ramp up operations by 50% under high workloads
  • Up to 40% reduction in per employee operations costs

Looking for an expert jumbo mortgage loan services company to meet all your back office requirements? Outsource jumbo mortgage loan services to Expert Mortgage Assistance and focus on other aspects of your business