Outsource Mortgage Loan Quality and Retention Services

Our loan quality and retention services is designed to improve the data integrity of your loan approval process

Expert Mortgage assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing robust back-office services to lenders for loan quality management and customer retention services. Our services ensure that all your originated loans are compliant with GSE, CFPB and TRID regulations. We bank on workflow automation, document management and periodic audits to implement QA standards that regulate quality parameters for your mortgage loan services.

As a global mortgage loan quality and retention services company, we adopt advanced technologies like multi-step document review and digitized customer service practices to enhance traditional loan quality assessment practices. It is precisely because of this that we are consistent in providing services with high accuracy levels. Outsource mortgage loan quality and retention services to us to adopt contemporary technology and industry best practices in managing the quality of your business processes as a mortgage provider.

Our Expert Mortgage Loan Quality and Retention Services

Consulting Services

As a mortgage loan quality and retention services company of repute, our consulting services takes care of all your loan quality management requirements. From planning to deployment, our consulting services give you robust idea of the steps involved in the establishing the right quality framework. Our experience in managing quality will help you avoid the risk of boarding high-risk loans due to oversight.

Document Management and Loan Review

We establish performance parameters to measure the quality of all your loan portfolios. We can do this with the help of software suites that facilitate automated document validation and indexing. Our in-depth review of your entire loan portfolio is designed to flag compliance issues much before the loan’s heads over to the loan closing pipeline.

Audit Reviews

Our extensive and thorough review system is carried out by experienced team members. They are designed to uncover potential underlying risks in your loan approval process. We have wide experience in preparing our clients for real audits conducted by regulatory bodies. We leave no stone unturned in our search for wrong and misrepresented loan information that may flare up into legal issues.

Customer Service Assessment

With back office support for customer service, we help you take complete care of your customers and prospects. We bank on data mining and predictive analysis to understand the needs of your customer better. We also provide exhaustive information with in-depth analysis on how to improve the performance of your customer service strategy.

Reporting and Analytics

We leverage complex analytical tools and techniques like big data analytics, to help you identify areas of improvements. Our reporting and analytics services give you a bird’s eye view of all the departments of your operations and valuable insights about how to optimize them for maximum profitability.

Why Outsource Mortgage Loan Quality and Retention Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We consist of a team of mortgage and financial experts with diverse exposure to industry best practices and technology enablement. Our services ensure high-quality levels in loan documents, appraisal reports, underwriting review, loan audits and loan package generation. We adopt an all-inclusive approach to our services that lets you focus more on business-critical tasks like marketing management, customer service and financial management.

Our services help you bring down the costs incurred in mortgage quality control while also reducing your risk exposure levels by a wide margin. We strive to reduce complications in the loan process that may lead to unforeseen legal consequences at the time of title transfer or property insurance claims. Our expert back-office support with managing the quality of your loan ensures that all your loans are GSE purchase ready before the closing process is initiated.

The following are some more of the numerous benefits that you get by choosing our services as a mortgage loan quality and retention services company:

  • A team of highly experienced 1000+ mortgage experts with in depth knowledge on all aspects of your mortgage loan process
  • Use of the latest automated software suites to effectively streamline doc management
  • End-to-end and multi-tier review of all loan documents
  • Automated workflows to improve process efficiency
  • Systematic reporting and feedback submission upon completion of periodic loan quality review
  • Review of property appraisal to facilitate faster loan turnaround times
  • Flexibility to scale up work volumes by 50% under high workload
  • Reduction in operational costs of loan quality management by 40%

Looking for an experienced mortgage loan quality and retention services company to get complete hold over quality requirements? Outsource mortgage loan quality and retention services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for comprehensive back office support.