M-Suite: The Mortgage Automation Software to Bring Efficiency into Mortgage Lending Processing

M-Suite is an advanced document management software that automates the process of data extraction and validation at zero upfront costs.

Lenders are constantly under pressure to provide services that are efficient and accurate at the same time. Having industry experts and highly skilled professionals is just not enough to retain the competitive edge anymore. Software technology has advanced to create solutions that have revolutionized mortgage operations. These tools achieve productivity levels that are simply not possible with manual efforts. From document management to automatic validation, compilation and decision making, the mortgage industry today is empowered with innovative solutions that automate tasks and assist lenders with regulatory compliance, fraud protection quality maintenance and customer service.

The disruptive potential of mortgage automation software has created opportunities for process enhancements, cost reduction and improvement of information accuracy in the mortgage industry. Mortgage automation software have swiftly transformed into a basic need, from the fledgling innovative tools with limited potential that they once were.

See how M-Suite works:

Why do Lenders Require a Mortgage Document Management Tool?

A mortgage lender needs to maintain thousands of documents and forms every hour. Since each one of these documents is extremely important for the loan approval process, lenders spend a significant amount of time and resources in maintaining high levels of information accuracy in loan documents. As a result of this, the cost of mortgage document management alone comes up to thousands of dollars.

Document management tools were created specifically to address the challenges faced by mortgage lenders i.e. creation, retrieval and verification of loan documents. Lenders now have the option of keeping a track of mortgage documents in both digitized and electronically generated format and in the process ease the burden of managing and maintaining documents.

These cutting-edge tools also bring a host of enhanced functionalities like OCR (optical character recognition) to automatically recognize text in documents and customizable workflows that offer greater control over the digitization process. Document management tools facilitate the company wise sharing of information, cloud support, electronic signature support and faster document processing times. Such advanced potential of contemporary document management solutions benefit a lender’s mortgage operations across all departments.

M-Suite : The Ultimate Mortgage Document Management Solution

M-Suite is a robust document management software suite that has been designed from the ground up for handling and managing mortgage loan documents. It has integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that are designed to make your mortgage operations agile and concise. It classifies documents and extracts data using one of the most advanced OCR engines in the world. M-Suite identifies text on printed documents and transforms it organized digital data.

M-Suite is powered by cutting-edge technology that uses image enhancement and statistical techniques to generate a diverse range of document types and formats. It integrates seamlessly with your loan origination systems to process information and digitize documents faster than ever before.

The following are some of the benefits that the implementation of M-Suite will bring to your organization:-

  • Risk Elimination:- M-Suite eliminates the scope for oversights, missed tasks, data entry errors and missing information with your document management process. It immediately nullifies all the risks originating from information errors in loan documents.
  • Enhanced Accuracy of Information Management:- The robust machine learning algorithms of M-Suite enables it to achieve unparalleled accuracy levels in information of loan documents. It completely removes the need for manual intervention while maintaining high levels of data quality.
  • Data Validation and Indexing:- M-Suite’s AI system automatically captures data from scanned documents and electronic copies and indexes them according to your needs. All indexes created by the tool are arranged systematically with keys that allow for them to be retrieved based on a search.
  • Advanced Automation:- M-Suite leverages ICR and OCR two of the most prominent character recognition engines to digitize data from hard copies. The software suite has been optimized with the use of complex machine learning algorithms, making it capable of processing data of large scale mortgage operations without drop in performance levels.

Why Use M-Suite to Automate Your Document Management Process?

When you outsource mortgage software solutions to us, we provide the benefits such as:

  • M-Suite helps to eliminate the use of validating data through a stare and compare approach
  • The tool is powered by advanced software technologies like OCR and RPA. It uses machine learning to give your organization, bespoke functionality
  • M-Suite contains a wide array of functional features that are packaged into an intuitive and easy to use interface
  • It integrates seamlessly into a wide variety of loan origination systems, making it a versatile and an ideal choice as a document management tool
  • M-Suite is built on customized algorithms and advanced mathematical models that are designed to improve the pace of document creation, recording and retrieval thereby reducing the overall operational costs significantly
  • The software is hosted on a robust database with cloud access and data backup
  • M-Suite can be availed at zero implementation costs, no fixed costs and no upfront costs

Leverage the potential of M-Suite to introduce benefits of mortgage automation into your mortgage business. For more, contact Expert Mortgage Assistance now.