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Data Security at EMA

Data Security at EMA

Our Data Security Philosophy

Confidentiality of information is the guiding principle of our core values. To ensure this we:

  • Carry out continual check on safety of information
  • Guarantee non-disclosure of work and process models of client companies

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We encourage our clients to sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement so that our commitment to security gets contractual validity.

Systems Security

To avert information leakage, we have in place a fool-proof security system which includes:

  • Access to premises with Biometric Finger Print Scanner
  • Firewall protected network
  • Paperless office with printers made inaccessible to staff

WorkStation Security

To secure data at every stage our security management and monitoring facilities consists of:

  • Dual-Monitor workstations for a paperless environment
  • Limited access to internet but NO access to personal emails
  • Workstations stripped-off external drives (CD drives, Floppy drives, USB ports) facilities
  • Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection provided to each workstations

Data Server Security

We provide a highly secure online document storage service which eliminates chances of breach during transfer of data through internet. We ensure data transfer is 128-bit encrypted with AES key encryption. All data is stored in secure servers in USA hosted with in CA and access is restricted to specific users.

Employee Credibility

We believe in setting integrity and trustworthiness from the recruitment stage, and ensure this with:

  • Evaluating candidates through several rounds of testing
  • Carrying out background and referral checks
  • Signing confidentiality agreement with us before induction
  • Sharing core information only within the concerned team
  • Monitoring employees and systems continuously
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