FHA Mortgage Loan Processing Services

Our back-office support for FHA loans is designed to ensure high-level accuracy so that lenders can approve FHA insured loans in fast turnaround times

Expert Mortgage Assistance specializes in providing robust back office support for lenders dealing with FHA Loan services. Our services are compliant with regulatory guidelines and are designed from the ground up to maintain a high level of accuracy while facilitating quick turnaround times.

With a growing preference for FHA loans, lenders need a trusted service partner to handle the non-core activities of their business. We leverage our expertise in handling FHA loans to provide a well-rounded back-office solution. We bring an ideal mix of the right people for the right task and modern-day technology to streamline your FHA loan approval process to achieve maximum efficiency. We follow tried and tested business processes that eliminate the possibility of discrepancies with customer information while increasing the speed of your mortgage underwriting process. It is precisely because of these reasons that our clients outsource FHA loan process to us and focus on their core business activities.

Our Comprehensive FHA Loan Services

Pre-Approval Services

We undertake a thorough and in-depth review of a customer's financial situation to enable you to envision their repayment capacity of the FHA loan. We oversee the entire pre-approval process so that you can make informed decisions about what the lending amount for a borrower must be. We conduct diligent eligibility checks, collect pre-approval letters and complete detailed screenings of customer profiles to ensure that there is no lack of vital information that may hinder the underwriting process. As a premium FHA loan support services company, our extensive back office support covers all aspects of an effective loan approval process.

Property Appraisal Services for FHA Loan

Our back-office support services for appraisal is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the true market value of the property. We work closely with your licensed appraiser in evaluating the property, and estimating its value in the current market conditions, review property reports for accuracy on ownership details, title information, the potential resale value of a property and insurance details for future use, particularly in the event of a foreclosure. Our experience as a third-party support provider for property appraisal needs will give enhanced efficiency to your processes.

Application Services

Filling of an application form is a standard part of the FHA loan approval process. From credit check information, outstanding debts and housing expenses to personal information, income sources and employment details and history, we oversee the application process to ascertain that there is no missing information that may hamper the loan approval process at any time. We take a meticulous approach to ensure the completion of the Uniform Residential Loan Application (form 1003) and work closely with the underwriter to ensure that there is no scope for missing information when the file reaches the underwriters desk.

Review Underwriting Services

As an experienced FHA Loan services company, we help lenders reduce communication gap between the underwriter and the loan processor. We do this by instating a homogeneous review and validation of customer information in the forms. This goes a long way in helping underwriters make well-informed decisions on the FHA loan approval. We also eliminate the scope for any delay in the underwriting process by liaising with customers to seek clarifications on the information provided by them in the application and personal documents.

Loan Estimate and Closing

Our panel of mortgage experts are equipped with all the necessary skill sets and resources to cater to the closing support requirements of the clients. We prepare detailed reports of an estimate of the loan amount, the payment terms and the rate of interest and dispatch the same to the customer. We duly inform the customer of all the legal terms that they are required to adhere to by compiling comprehensive disclaimers and instructions. Our back-office support in closing FHA mortgage loans includes receiving duly signed documents from the customer and readying the closing instructions.

Why Outsource FHA Loan Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Our diverse experience in the field of mortgage servicing, has helped us become a trusted back office support partner of multiple US-based mortgage providers. We understand the back-office support needs for FHA Loan services like the back of her hand and so can deliver top-notch support for every requirement. Our fine blend of analytical thinking and robust support will help you streamline as well as identify areas of improvement in your entire FHA Loan approval process.

Outsource FHA Loan Services to Us and Benefit in Ways Such As: -

  • Access to a team of 1000+ highly experienced mortgage professionals
  • Leverage 8 years of specialized back-office support service for FHA mortgage loans
  • Multi step quality review to ensure accuracy and validity of customer information
  • Business processes designed as per FHA guidelines
  • At least 30% reduction in TAT
  • At least 40% reduction in per employee operational cost
  • 100% Data confidentiality and privacy
  • Flexibility to scale work up to 50% during peak times

Looking for a FHA loan support services company to transform your business model? Outsource FHA loan services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for a single stop solution.