Outsource Mortgage Document and Data Management Services

Secure and manage all your mortgage lending documents and business data with our comprehensive data management solution MSuite

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing lenders with efficient mortgage document management services. Our services greatly reduce the time needed in managing documents while at the same time enhance the efficiency in maintaining them. As a global mortgage document and data management services company, we provide wide-ranging services to keep your mortgage documents well-organized.

As a tech agnostic company, we have also built an inhouse solution to manage and index documents and extract data from them. Our solution called Msuite is driven by OCR technology and automates the process of managing documents with human intervention. We offer our solution at no upfront costs such as implementation or fixed costs. We have restricted the costs to only transaction based. Many of our clients have leveraged our solution to manage their documents and data with zero-error efficiency.

MSuite: Our Automated Solution for In-House Use

Msuite is a powerful document classification tool that can be used to extract data from docs and index documents. Built using one of the most advanced OCR(Optical Character recognition) engines in the world, it leverages complex machine learning algorithms to recognize and extract texts. The tool has been optimized to use visual, lingual and statistical techniques to read and classify documents with consistent precision.

Msuite can be used in a business environment to speed up the process of information search and eliminate errors while porting data. By using this tool, lenders can significantly reduce loan origination turnaround times, along with reduced dependency on manual resources. This directly translates into reduction in operational costs and enhancements in process efficiency.

Our End-to- End Mortgage Document Management Services

Data Entry and Forms Digitization

We digitize all vital documents like client information, W-2 forms, form 1003, credit check reports and tax return record and bring it aboard your CRM system. We adopt a multi-tier document verification steps to ensure the accuracy of information for future reference. As a premium mortgage document management services company, we leverage Msuite to eliminate the process of entering data through a stare and compare approach.

Document Indexing

We use our document management tool to automate the document indexing process. The tool is outfitted with OCR technology that interprets readable texts from documents to achieve this. We create a naming system to categorize all the documents that help us boost the efficiency levels in document indexing. We categorize all your documents according to customer name, property information, credit check status and more. We organize your documents making it easy for you refer to them on demand.

Document Conversion Services

An exhaustive business process like mortgage loan approval accrues large volumes of data in different document formats. With our document conversion services, we create and manage specific documents in the required format to prepare them for the underwriting process. We have the skill sets to work with large sets of documents and convert them into different versions according in keeping with the requirement of the process

Data Audit and Backup Services

As a global mortgage document management services company, we conduct periodic audits to ensure high levels of accuracy in information. We use advanced tools to screen through all the recorded data to identify errors and inconsistencies in the information. We augment our diligent data audit services with data backup tasks to protect your information at all times.

Data Migration

Our data migration services enable you to maintain your business data on the latest versions of CRM tools. We adopt a systematic approach to the backup of data by providing you with the right balance between uptimes on existing CRM tools and readiness of use with the newer one. We help you seamlessly relocate your operations onto modern CRM software packages in a hassle-free manner.

Why Outsource Mortgage Document Management Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Our documents and data management services bank on modern day technology. We use a multi-tier document verification step to improve the accuracy and quality of business data that is being on-boarded onto your CRM systems. Our services are compliant with all data protection legislations and guidelines. We use stringent data quality control measures to ensure document readability and categorization.

As a Mortgage Document Management Services Company we offer you Benefits such as:

  • 10+ years of industry experience and expertise in mortgage document and data management
  • In-built tool based on OCR technology to automate doc management process
  • High levels of data accuracy and quality in mortgage data maintenance
  • Access to a team of skilled professionals with expertise in data entry and document management
  • No implementation and fixed costs (only transaction-based cost)
  • Seamless integration with your LOS systems
  • Robust data backup and support structure
  • Complete support with data migration and integration with legacy CRM systems
  • Up to 30% reduction in operational costs

Looking for an expert Mortgage document management services company to handle your document management needs? Outsource mortgage document management services to Expert Mortgage Assistance to leverage the potential of a modern-day back office support structure.