Outsource Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance Services

We provide back-office support services to help lenders foreclose loans through both the judicial and non-judicial process

Expert Mortgage Assistance offers foreclosure assistance services that covers the complete scope of mortgage foreclosure process. Our team of experts provide end-to-end support starting from early defaults all the way till REO auction, ending with handing over the property to the lender. All our foreclosure strategies are fully customized on case-per-case basis.

Mortgage foreclosures are not only expensive but also incredibly complex and time consuming. As a result, lenders and credit unions lose their profitability to payment defaults. Due to this reason, they also lose their ability to create new lending opportunities. This however is not the case with lenders and credit unions who outsource mortgage foreclosure services to third-party providers. By outsourcing loan foreclosure requirements, they are able to manage their business activities for each foreclosure loan in an exclusive manner thus taking the mortgage foreclosure process to a logical conclusion and within regulatory timelines.

We provide lenders with back-office support to foreclose loans through the court system (judicial) or outside the court system (non-judicial). These include issuing notice of default on behalf of the lender, helping the lender carry out the title search process to establish the history of the property etc, back-office support needed to filing complaints. We also assist lenders in carrying out the documentation needed for foreclosure sale, prepare foreclosure referral, prepare assignment and substitution of trustee etc.

Our mortgage specialists have years of expertise in foreclosure loans and so can guarantee you the best of loan foreclosure services. Over the years we have earned a name for delivering quality and timely foreclosure assistance to our clients. As a leading mortgage foreclosure company, we have the infrastructure and resources to support the entire gamut of foreclosure process and also have the ability to assist lenders and credit unions in successfully foreclosing the property as well as it resale.

When you outsource mortgage foreclosure services to us, you gain access to skilled experts with exposure to handling foreclosure loans. We bank on this expertise and experience to offer the best of loan foreclosure services to lenders and credit unions alike.

We experience in handling the back-office needs of over 5000+ foreclosures

Foreclosure Assistance Process map

mortgage Foreclosure Assistance process map

We Offer Comprehensive Back-Office Foreclosure Assistance Services

As an expert mortgage foreclosure company, we specialize in end-to-end mortgage foreclosure assistance. We work closely with our clients to provide step-by-step support throughout the foreclosure process. We always employ the best techniques to help our clients achieve maximum proceeds-to-value, at the same facilitating faster and accurate completion.

Our mortgage foreclosure process includes the following services:

  • Conducting Pre-foreclosure valuation
  • Exhaustive evaluation of property
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the property
  • Negotiating favourable contract terms with stakeholders
  • Attorney management
  • Facilitating closing process
  • Remediation management

As a reputed mortgage foreclosure services company, we help you with all the back-office needs needed to prepare and generate pre-foreclosure notifications, such as the Notice of Default, based on federal, state and judiciary requirements; deliver them via emails and first-class, certified mail within the stipulated time as mandated by law. Additionally, we provide enhanced reporting capabilities with full audit trail.

How We Streamline Your Mortgage Foreclosure Process

Expert Mortgage Assistance has a team of specialized resources who have wide experience in handling all kinds of foreclosure loans mostly in the US.

We leverage our experience in foreclosing mortgage loans to help servicers avoid expensive foreclosure delays while jacking up efficiency and eliminating risks. As a tech-agnostic service provider, we automate the document management process of the entire foreclosure procedure to ensure accurate, compliant and organized document creation.

All our processes are completely transparent with clear and well-established modes of communication. We also provide real-time updates to clients.

We help you streamline your mortgage process by carrying out:

  • Performance assessment of individual borrowers, designing custom strategy suitable to the case and providing unique solutions
  • Reviewing processes at various stages of mortgage foreclosure procedure to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Checking buyer records and foreclosure loan details as well as payments to ensure that the lenders end is properly taken care off

Why Outsource Foreclosure Assistance Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

When put together, lenders and credit unions can leverage the service of back-office support providers to work more efficiently, eliminating the risk of losing money on foreclosure loans. Further, working with an outsource partners give loan servicers the ability to subcontract their non-core activities and focus on expansion and customer service.

Expert Mortgage Assistance provides high quality foreclosure assistance and wide range of other mortgage services that our global clients can benefit from. Our cost-effectiveness and adherence to compliance makes us a preferable offshore partner. We have worked for different client requirements on loan foreclosures and so have a superior understanding of the nuances of foreclosure loans. We also provide post-foreclosure assistance that includes eviction, lien tracking etc.

When you outsource foreclosure assistance services to us, we provide benefits such as:

  • 1000+ highly experienced mortgage professionals working fulltime
  • Experience in handling back-office needs of over 5000+ foreclosures
  • We evaluate individual cases and customize suitable foreclosure strategy for loss mitigation
  • Standardized and automated back office support for foreclosure support
  • Up to 30% reduction in TAT, leveraging 24/7 work environment
  • Up to 40% reduction in per employee operational cost
  • Seamless communication and highly transparent operations
  • 100% data confidentiality and privacy
  • Flexible staffing model

Looking for a reliable offshore mortgage foreclosure assistance company? Outsource mortgage foreclosure assistance requirements to Expert Mortgage Assistance and make your process more efficient.