Mortgage FAQs

Our corporate office is in Princeton, NJ and our operation centers are in India (Bangalore & Pune) and in Philippines (Davao).

Our team has extensive experience working with Lenders across the states. They are all well versed with lending guidelines and are up-to-date with all the recent changes. For all regulatory changes, we work closely with our clients to ensure implementation across the board.

We offer support services for Origination, Servicing, Accounting, Software Development, IT Support and Business Analytics. Our support functions for origination back-office include loan set-up, indexing, loan processing support, underwriting support, closing support and post-closing services. We also have experience working with AMCs and Title/Settlement companies for their back office requirements (Quality Control, Title Searches, Commitment Preparation, Closing Disclosures)

We use what our Clients uses. We do not want our customers to fit into our environment, rather we use their system/s and technology to perform the desired tasks just as if anyone else in their office will do.

We deploy full time resources to each project/Client based on the skill-sets required. These dedicated staffs are working 100% for you which is as good as having a contracted employee in-house. Our full time resources work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (barring some of the US federal holidays).

We normally require one full time staff to begin with as we do not have a shared resource model. Since the dedicated staff comes with certain capacity, it will be idle to have enough volume to keep the staff busy throughout the day.

Considering the primary benefits of outsourcing (Pricing, Scalability, Quality & Speed), and our commitment to ensure our clients leverage these benefits to the fullest, we decided not have onshore operations. We certainly sent our staff onshore from time to time for requirement gathering, transition, ongoing process improvement and performance feedback..

Yes, we do. Since we work with various lenders and brokers, we have worked on almost all the major LOSs available in the market. For eg., Encompass, Calyx, PC Lender, Lending QB and many more.

We are ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified company, the two of the highest data security standards. You data always reside on your servers as we do not download and host anything locally. The physical data security is also rigid with bio-metric accesses, disabled external storage devices from the systems and only white-listed internet access.

Our shift hours are flexible to suit the needs of our Clients. The fact we are capable of 24/7 operations, allows you to utilize services to expand your working hours and reduce closing time. We are always flexible with service hours and let our clients decide what coverage do they want.

We ensure constant communication with your in-house team with various daily/weekly reports and conference calls. Any change in the process (even if it’s minor), is implemented only once it has been approved by the client so although the team is not physically in your office, you have complete control on what they do and how they do that.

Although the list of outsourcing benefits is long, some of the most important ones are as below:

  • Scalability just when you require it
  • Reliable and measurable outcomes that are easy to control
  • Streamlined and efficient operations for better customer experience
  • Operational cost saving adding direct to your bottom-line