Outsource Mortgage Software Solutions

We specialize in developing software solutions that will simplify every stage of the mortgage loan process

Export Mortgage Assistance is a leading provider of mortgage loan servicing software for lenders. We design software with advanced technology to help loan servicers streamline their services and save on time and costs. We have been servicing the mortgage industry long enough to develop solutions that are scalable and can be enhanced to ensure that our clients benefit from our state-of-the-art solutions.

We specialize in providing mortgage software solutions for end-to-end support throughout mortgage process. Our clients have leveraged our solution to simplify every stage of the loan lifecycle. As a result they have been able to speed up processing times, cut down time spent in documentation, and improved loan origination accuracy by several notches.

As a mortgage software solutions company, we leverage advanced technology such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and blend it with skilled team of software professionals to help lenders build custom solutions to address the challenges posed by the volatile nature of the industry.

Our team of developers have a thorough understanding of the IT landscape and infrastructure needs of a mortgage company and so know what it takes to make operations smooth and focused. We have wide experience in building a range of custom software solutions such as document management solution, solutions to test borrower portfolio across all parameters and solutions to test for compliance adherence.

We have experience in developing 100+ software solutions for our mortgage clients

We Provide a Range of Software Solutions for the Mortgage Industry

We develop mortgage software to transform customer experience and streamline operations in the mortgage industry. Our mortgage software solutions can be fully integrated with the lender’s backend systems and other third-party software.

Outsource mortgage software solutions to us, to equip your business with:

  • Mortgage applications for online loan procurement
  • Applications for loan servicing and approvals
  • Custom software solutions for credit reporting, foreclosure, and refinancing assistance
  • Tailor-made mortgage software for loan origination, underwriting, processing and monitoring
  • Applications for pipeline management and account aggregation
  • Mortgage dashboard for aggregating data for complete business overview

MSuite – Our Automated Software Solution for Document Management

Msuite is EMAs automated solution for documents indexing and data extraction. It leverages advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and OCR to simplify scanning, indexing and classification of documents and extracting data, resulting in streamlined document management and organization. Our solution is tailor made to integrate with any loan origination systems and improve loan processing efficiency by 80%.

Know Why We are a Preferred Mortgage Software Solution Provider

As a mortgage software solutions company, we understand the workings of a complex loan origination process and so can customize solutions that specifically meet industry needs. This is the reason we excel in developing robust mortgage software and are a preferred software solution provider for the mortgage industry.

Our clients outsource mortgage software solutions to us because we provide:

  • A well-integrated solution for streamlining end-to-end mortgage process, from sales to closing
  • Configure the lender backed systems to standardize the workflow across all departments and add specific rules to match the lender’s credit policies
  • Leverage the latest technologies like robotic process automation to develop the most advanced solution
  • Bring new and better ideas to build a business solution that can cater to your audience worldwide
  • Leverage a high-quality project management system and a proven process for developing mortgage software solutions
  • Make ourselves available 24x7 to ensure your software is sound and systematic at all times

Our mortgage software solutions have provided high level of service enhancements to our clients. We have tailored diverse solutions to meet diverse requirements some of which include:

  • We have developed solution to help lenders create real-time custom and standard reports
  • We have developed solutions to enable clients provide borrowers direct portal access. By adding this facility, we have helped lenders enable their clients to check the status of their loan application, gain latest status updates, add/exchange documents as required by lender etc
  • We have helped lenders integrate document management system into their process to help save paper and enable lenders track the documents easily. Additionally our solutions have facilitated easy categorization of borrower documents and the loan files
  • We have also provided lenders with mobile solutions as part of our mortgage software process, so that lenders can get real-time access to loan file status and borrowers can calculate loan amount and mortgage payment on the go

How We Helped Our Clients Win with MSuite

case studies of mortgage automation

Overcome Processing


A home loan product company headquartered in Cherry-Hill, New Jersey


  • Delay in file review process
  • Fluctuating loan volumes; inefficient resource utilization

How MSuite Turned Things Around

  • Reduced loan processing time from hours to minutes
  • Eliminated dependencies on staff
  • Brought down overall processing costs significantly
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mortgage process automation

Streamline Workflow with Automation


A Non-bank mortgage lender headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina


  • Time consuming loan shipping process
  • Over reliance on manual indexing of documents

How MSuite Turned Things Around

  • End-to-end automation reduced loan boarding time by 20%
  • Increased accuracy of bookmarking process; up to 99%
  • Increased savings of up to 45%
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Why Outsource Mortgage Software Solutions to GetSmartCoders

When you outsource mortgage software solutions to us, we provide the benefits such as:

  • Access to 1000+ team of highly skilled software professionals
  • Our software experts have at least 5+ years of experience in developing mortgage solutions
  • We have experience in developing 100+ software solutions for our mortgage clients
  • We leverage latest technologies like robotic process automation and machine learning to deliver advanced loan processing software
  • We leverage state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver the best solutions
  • We assure up to 30% deduction in TAT, from 8 global delivery centers
  • We guarantee process transparency and complete communication support
  • We provide real-time maintenance support

Expert Mortgage Assistance can help you develop customized mortgage software to automate the lending process and stay ahead in competition.

Looking for a reliable offshore mortgage software solutions company? Outsource mortgage software solution requirements to Expert Mortgage Assistance and make your process more efficient.