Outsource Pre-Post Closing Compliance Services

Our services are built from the ground up to ensure that all your loan portfolios meet standard GSE regulations and compliance requirements before your loan post-closing process is initiated

Expert Mortgage Assistance has 10 years of experience in providing comprehensive back office support for lenders in all aspects of their mortgage loan approval process. We adopt a great mix of professional audit and data validation steps to verify the compliance of your loan packages before the post-closing process begins. Our specialized post-closing team carries out the mortgage pre-post-closing compliance checks before the loan files are delivered to your post-closing section for finalization.

As an expert mortgage pre-post-closing compliance services company, we provide you with efficient and timely pre-post-closing services. This vastly improves the quality of information flow and ensures complete adherence to regulatory compliance. Our clients outsource mortgage pre-post-closing compliance services to us to establish a tight and error-free post-closing process.

Our Comprehensive Pre-Post Closing Compliance Services

Document Tracking and Verification

We go through all the loan documents including supporting customer documents, property details, appraisal reports and the underwriting reports to ensure that all information is in compliance with GSE and federal law regulations. We complete this process meticulously after which we arrange for title transfer in the mortgage post-closing process. Our attention to detail with document tracking and verification keeps your loan approval process audit ready at all times.

Data Integrity Audit

Our data integrity audit uncover all loan deficiencies before you begin servicing approved mortgage loans at the end of the post-closing process. We meticulously verify tasks such as Occupancy authentication, information rejections from the underwriter and quality of property appraisal to ensure high-quality levels in your loan approval process. We work closely with title companies and brokers to achieve 100% data accuracy and compliance.

QA Evaluation

Our QA evaluation services are an extension of our data integrity audits and document management services. We specifically look for the breach in compliance of GSE regulations by auditing the quality of your entire loan approval process. Our mortgage pre-post-closing compliance process saves you from the unpleasant consequences of lawsuits that can arise from the smallest of errors.

MERS Verification

As a premium mortgage pre-post-closing compliance services company, we bank on MERS or the Mortgage Electronic Registration System to track your loan servicing rights. Our knowledge of MERS enables us to verify the compliance requirements of loans supported by a wide range of GSEs, including Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae and Fannie Mae. We facilitate the successful onboarding of loan portfolios onto the electronic systems for the initiation of post-closing by verifying them in detail in the pre-post-closing stage

Compliance Reporting

We use robust software packages loaded with iterative processes and data visualization dashboards to generate reports about the level of compliance in your business processes. In using these tools to deliver our mortgage pre-post-closing compliance services, we enable you to make well-informed business decisions regarding changes to your loan portfolios and loan approval workflows.

Why Outsource Pre-Post Closing Compliance Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We provide services that act as a layer of security. As your ideal service partner we provide customized service offerings to improve the quality of the compliance levels of all your loan portfolios. We blend our mortgage expertise with contemporary technology like robust CRM systems and document management systems to ensure that your loan approval process conforms to GSE regulation. As a premium mortgage pre-post-closing compliance services company, we conduct loan data integrity checks, spot missing information and implement robust quality control measures that prepare your loan portfolios for the post-closing process.

The following are some of the benefits that you get ny choosing our services

  • Access to a team of 1000+ mortgage specialists comprising loan closing and post-closing experts
  • Multi-tier document and information verification steps to assure high quality
  • Use of cutting-edge CRM systems and document management systems like MSuite that contain advanced automation features
  • Customized easy to read reports and interactive dashboards to monitor pre-post-closing compliance
  • 100% information security and confidentiality
  • Up to 40% reduction in operational costs
  • Flexible work culture to scale operations under heavy workload

Looking for a mortgage pre-post-closing compliance company to fulfill your obligatory compliance requirements? Outsource mortgage pre-post-closing compliance requirements to us for a world class solution.