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Mortgage Modification and Origination Underwriting Services

Mortgage Modification and Origination Underwriting Services

Expert Mortgage Assistance helps you make the most of modifying loan programs by helping you accurately evaluate and determine which borrowers have the financial capacity to meet their debt obligations. At the same time, we enable lenders to refine their processes so that they can meet regulatory compliance and mitigate operational risks for best returns on origination investments.

Our Modification and Origination Services:

Mortgage Modification Underwriting Services (HAMP/Non-HAMP)

  • Scrutinize borrower credit report to establish his credit & repayment history
  • Scrutinize borrower income documents to validate income
  • Scan forms to spot fraudulent claims
  • Modify loan tenure, interest rates, monthly mortgage payments
  • Tailor customized modification solutions to suit homeowner
  • Check eligibility for HAMP modification program
  • Review & re-underwrite loans based on borrower financial hardship, commitment and repayment capability
  • Compute and provide mortgaged property appraisal report
  • Reduce default levels by modifying delinquent loans
  • Match Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines with asset attributes to ensure modification is appropriate

Mortgage Origination Underwriting Services

  • Pre-qualify a borrower, as per FICO requirements and present financial conditions
  • Review and verify loan application and seek additional documents
  • Initial underwriting QC to check accuracy followed by automated underwriting tool check
  • Assess borrower risk profile and determine the appropriate risk class
  • Compute loan-to-value ratio, debt-to-income ratio, credit ratio etc.
  • Property appraisal to determine its value as a loan collateral
  • Review title, mortgage note and public records in credit report
  • Covey final loan decision and provide valid reasons for rejection
  • Pre-fund QC once loans are approved

We have a team of underwriters who are well trained in mortgage procedures and documentation, federal regulations, residential mortgage guidelines and product specific updates. Besides, our process requires every mortgage modification underwriting and mortgage origination underwriting task to go through several rounds of audits, thereby ensuring accuracy and reliability of the highest order.

Outsource mortgage modification and origination process to Expert Mortgage Assistance to gain complete control over quality.

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Origination Services

  • Credit Analysis
  • Income Analysis
  • Property Analysis
  • Ownership Analysis
  • Fund Analysis

Modification Services

  • Validate Income
  • Check Credit and Repayment History
  • Modify loan conditions
  • HAMP modification eligibility check
  • Re­underwrite loans
  • Modify Delinquent Loans

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