Mortgage Modification and Origination Underwriting Services

We help you check losses that may arise due to bad loans by providing back-office support to all loan modification and underwriting programs

Expert Mortgage Assistance is a reputed mortgage loan modification company with years of experience in providing back office support for all kinds of mortgage loan portfolios. We help you make the most of modifying loan programs by helping you accurately evaluate and determine which borrowers have the financial capacity to meet their debt obligations. At the same time, we enable lenders to meet underwriting requirements accurately so that they can meet regulatory compliance and mitigate operational risks for best returns on origination investments.

When you outsource mortgage loan modification requirements to us, we help you assess borrower creditworthiness accurately and take an informed final decision. Our loan modification services for lenders and credit unions is handled by experts with years of experience in mortgage modification and underwriting processes.

We handle over 500+ modification and origination
underwriting requirements in a month

Our Mortgage Loan Modification and Origination Services

We carry out the complete back-office support needs of the lender to process loan modification requirements. Some of these tasks include:

  • Pre-review and recommend program eligibility to borrowers on behalf of lenders
  • Collect, review and submit relevant documents to underwriter. These include letters of explanation, additional bank statements, additional pay stubs, verification letters etc
  • Review the terms of the new mortgage conditions prepared by the underwriter for consistency

Mortgage Modification Underwriting Services (HAMP/Non-HAMP)

  • Scrutinize borrower credit report to establish his credit & repayment history
  • Scrutinize borrower income documents to validate income
  • Scan forms to spot fraudulent claims
  • Modify loan tenure, interest rates, monthly mortgage payments
  • Tailor customized modification solutions to suit homeowner
  • Check eligibility for HAMP modification program
  • Review & re-underwrite loans based on borrower financial hardship, commitment and repayment capability
  • Compute and provide mortgaged property appraisal report
  • Reduce default levels by modifying delinquent loans
  • Match Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines with asset attributes to ensure modification is appropriate

Our mortgage modification underwriting services takes care of the back-office needs of the following modification services:

  • Deed- in- Lieu Reinstatement
  • Short Sale
  • Payoff
  • Forbearance

Mortgage Origination Underwriting Services

  • Pre-qualify a borrower, as per FICO requirements and present financial conditions
  • Review and verify loan application and seek additional documents
  • Initial underwriting QC to check accuracy followed by automated underwriting tool check
  • Assess borrower risk profile and determine the appropriate risk class
  • Compute loan-to-value ratio, debt-to-income ratio, credit ratio etc
  • Property appraisal to determine its value as a loan collateral
  • Review title, mortgage note and public records in credit report
  • Convey final loan decision and provide valid reasons for rejection
  • Pre-fund QC once loans are approved

How We Make Modification and Origination Services Efficient and Accurate

Mortgage modification program is an important process for lenders and need the touch of experience to overcome the complicacies. This is more important at a time when there is increase in the number of distressed borrowers looking for loan modification, and lenders are burdened with the extra work to modify loans in order to avert losses. As an experienced mortgage modification and origination underwriting company, we have the expertise needed to provide reliable support to meet modification underwriting requirements and customer expectations cost effectively.

We help our clients:

  • Get professional support from experienced professionals in providing quick modification and underwriting support. This has helped them reduce application bottleneck and expedite the mortgage modification process
  • Avail in-house staff for business development and customer retention activities that require personalized attention
  • Get the modification and origination underwriting changes go through a series of audits to ensure highest level of accuracy
  • Check losses by closing higher number of loans with quick modification approval
  • Get modifications done in assured turnaround times because of our 24/7 work environment

Why Outsource Loan Modification and Origination Underwriting to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

When you outsource mortgage loan modification to us, we provide the benefits such as:

  • 1000+ highly experienced mortgage professionals working fulltime
  • Experience in handling back-office needs of over 5000 loan modification origination underwriting
  • 99% accuracy guaranteed in computing/reviewing reports for accuracy for both HAMP and Non-HAMP programs
  • Expert group to deal with regulatory requirements
  • Up to 30% reduction in TAT
  • Up to 40% reduction in operational cost per employee
  • Standardized and automated back office support for modification origination underwriting
  • Tight quality control process comprising multi-tier checks
  • 100% data confidentiality and privacy

Expert Mortgage Assistance’s expert service focuses on providing quality and time-bound mortgage modification underwriting and mortgage origination underwriting services. Our team of experts, have achieved high levels of specialization in implementing the best loan modification practices in order to comply with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guidelines.

Looking for a reliable mortgage loan modification company? Outsource your Mortgage Loan Modification requirements to Expert Mortgage Assistance and make your process more efficient.