Outsource REO Reimbursement Services

Our REO reimbursement services is designed to streamline bill collection and submission and make the process accurate and time-efficient

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing lenders with efficient and cost-effective REO solutions. We manage the payment and billing of diverse vendors involved in the maintaining a property in good physical condition. Our reo billing and reimbursement services is marked by on-time processing of bills and on-time release of money. We enable you to handle the demanding nature of your REO billing functions by instating procedure that ensures the smooth running of your business process.

We use our diverse exposure to process knowledge and tools like QuickBooks to accurately record and digitize vendor bills and submit them to streamline your reo administrative services. We present these bills after a careful review of the details with a multi-step document verification procedure. We are a global REO reimbursement service company that ensures that you receive a complete refund on all expenses incurred by you from vendors. Outsource REO reimbursement services to us for an error-free back office support structure.

Our End-to-End REO Administrative Services

Bill Scanning

We accrue all the bills from various vendors who have worked on the maintenance of the property and digitize them by scanning them. The scans are brought onboard the CRM systems so that they can be accessed at any given point of time for scrutiny and audits. We prioritize and classify these bills according to predetermined criteria to achieve a meaningful organizational structure with them. We use efficient software suites like Quickbooks, QuickBase and iBridge to create an efficient workflow and ensure all details of the bills is properly documented.

Document Verification

We adopt a multistep review procedure of all the bill received and review them for inaccuracies and inconsistencies. This helps us ensure that there are no errors in the bill details. As a result of this meticulous review, you do not have to put up with wrong billings that mostly end up in wasteful expenditures. Once the bills are ready, our team of process experts prepare them for submission in the bank. By focusing on the quality and accuracy, we ensure you are not overcharged in any way.

Bill Submission

Following an in-depth verification, we arrange for the bills to be submitted to the clients. We use Quickbooks and its document tracking features to make the process more streamlined. All the bills and invoices are submitted with strict adherence to accountability, confidentiality and integrity. Our team of experts are well trained with the regulatory compliance that lenders need to conform to and ensure the bill submission process is fully regulation compliant.

Package Review

We consolidate a list of all the bills and supporting documents that are to be dispatched to the client to create a reimbursement package. The package is reviewed based on a checklist approach to ensure that there are no missing invoices of bills. We take charge of sending across the right packages after receiving approvals from your quality team

Bill Delivery

As a REO reimbursement company of repute we round-off our comprehensive REO bill processing support services with bill delivery. The package containing all the bills signed by the vendor and by your finance team is sent across to the broker for reimbursement processing. Once the reimbursement amount for the cost incurred by you is received, we coordinate with your finance team to update them on the CRM system for further reference.

Why Outsource REO Solutions to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

As an expert REO reimbursement services company, we bring a diverse set of skill sets and multiple years of experience with a wide variety of tools and industry best practices to improve the efficiency of your REO reimbursement process. We operate with high level of focus on quality to reduce errors and improve the pace of the overall process. By banking on our REO solutions you can look forward to speed up turnaround times and ensure REO billing submissions in the shortest possible time.

The following are some of the benefits that you get by employing our services:

  • Access to over 1000+ expert mortgage professionals
  • 8+ years of experience in handling REO reimbursement services
  • Multi-tier document verification protocols to ensure high levels of accuracy in bill information
  • User of the latest tools like Quickbooks, Quickbase and iBridge along with modern day CRM to facilitate faster process turnaround times
  • 100% compliance to REO regulatory requirements
  • Flexibility to scale up or scale down operations with demand
  • Up to 40 % reduction in REO billing and reimbursement processing costs
  • Up to 30% reduction turn-around time with global delivery model
  • Robust data backup with 24/7 support service structure

Looking for an premier REO reimbursement services company to handle your reimbursement process? Outsource REO reimbursement Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for a making your REO bill processing service smooth and efficient.