Outsource Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) Quality Assurance & Compliance Services

Our extensive knowledge of MERS quality assurance and compliance requirements will assist you in reconciling data accurately for successful MERS audits

Expert mortgage assistance has over 10 years of experience in assisting lenders who are members of the MERS processing standards, to maintain quality assurance and compliance with mortgage loan documentation. We offer a full suite of MERS QA services to keep your mortgage operations MERS compliant and audit ready at all times. Our robust back office support with data reconciliation will ensure that mortgage data maintained in the files of your institution match with those on the MERS system. As an expert MERS Quality Assurance and compliance services company we keep track of loan modifications ownership status and service rights transfers of mortgage loans.

We take complete charge of maintaining your service rights and ownership of loans with complete documentation. From accuracy in mortgage loan data to instating procedures to ensuring that you have conducted the daily capture of reports associated with registration and transfers, we make sure that you are on the right side of compliant requirements. Outsource MERS quality and compliance services to us to leverage the expertise of a tenured service partner.

Our Comprehensive MERS Quality Assurance & Compliance Services

MERS Document Review

Our document review service helps you identify and correct any gaps in information included in your loan portfolios. We use industry best practices and technology to achieve successful data reconciliation with every attempt at comparison. With a systematic approach to the examination of all loan documents, we ensure that all the information that is present on the CRM systems of your institution match with those on the MERS system.

MERS QA Plan Review

We are an expert MERS Quality Assurance and compliance services company that will assist you with developing your annual QA plan. For all lenders who are MERS members, it is mandatory to create a QA plan as a part of the latest regulations finalized by MERS. We keep a close tab of your business operations and compare that with the QA plan to ensure that all supporting information has been recorded accurately and that you are in compliance with MERS regulations.

MERS Audit Ready Services

Our MERS audit ready services are one of the most important services that we have to offer to lenders. We bank on Data Analytics, document management tools and statistical tools to match you are institutional data with that of MERS. Such stringent levels of adherence to MERS regulation and compliance will ensure that you are ready for audits at all times. Our audit ready services bank on multi-level document verification steps to maintain impeccable levels of information accuracy in your loan portfolios.

MERS Data Review

MERS utilizes a data format called the Appendix F format. Our data review services ensure that all your data files are segregated into the appropriate Appendix F format. We oversee the generation and onboarding of your data files in the required format onto the MERS system. This augments our commitment to ensure accuracy in data reconciliation with the MERS system

Policies and Procedures Service

We provide robust back office support with helping you come on board with the latest MERS regulations. We keep track of the latest changes to the regulations and implement them with our comprehensive services, to ensure that you are in adherence to these requirements. We generate periodic reports containing updates as and when they come out to keep you updated about regulatory changes.

Why Outsource MERS Quality Assurance & Compliance Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

All lenders who are MERS members have to submit a quality assurance plan and a mortgage data reconciliation report annually. Our services bank on best industry practices and state of the art document validation and management systems. Our services offer review assistance to ensure that you have the best policies and procedures in place for data reconciliation. We are dedicated to offering you a cost effective solution without compromising on the levels of engagement with data scrutiny and validation. With the use of innovative software tools designed specifically for mortgage applications and a team of highly experienced mortgage professionals, we are able to deliver a defensive solution for your MERS QA and compliance requirements.

The following are some of the benefits that you get by choosing us as your MERS Quality Assurance and compliance services company:-

  • Access to a team of 1000+ highly experienced mortgage experts
  • Maintenance and compiling of QA plan compliance and performance
  • System to system reconciliation of business data with that of the MERS system
  • Tracking and reporting of data discrepancies between lender systems and MERS
  • Flexibility to scale up operations by 50% under heavy workload
  • Use of automated document management systems for validation of appropriate compliance procedures required by MERS signing officers
  • Multi step information review system to ensure high levels of accuracy in Mortgage documents

Looking for an experienced MERS Quality Assurance and Compliance company to handle your mortgage data reconciliation needs? Outsource MERS quality assurance and compliance services to Expert Mortgage assistance for world class back office support structure.