Outsource Mortgage Underwriting QC Services

Our well-established Underwriting QC procedures ensure that all the loans in a lender’s portfolio is sellable in the secondary securities market

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing robust back office support for lenders with Underwriting QC services. Our services consists of engaging your experts with your underwriting process to review the final underwriting decision in detail. From evaluating the conditions provided by the underwriter to the accuracy checking process of the loan decision, we enable lenders to establish a much needed QC protocol to regulate the quality of their underwriting process.

As a premium mortgage underwriting QC services company we analyze the income and liabilities included in the loan package to ensure that the debt and income figures utilized by the underwriter are accurate. Our services ensure that your loan portfolios adhere to all GSE regulations and guidelines at the pre-closing and the post-closing stages. Outsource Mortgage Underwriting QC services to us to give your loan approval process the protection it needs from risks.

Our Comprehensive Mortgage Underwriting QC services

Prefunding QC

Our pre-funding QC services are designed to identify and address defects in the loan, prior to its closing. We review a predetermined percentage of loans and examine them in detail to validate the loan selection process as well as the data and documents that are a part of the loan portfolio. From the review of data entered into an automated underwriting system to the verification of borrower social security number, income statements, we ensure that all supporting documents are present with complete information.

Post Funding QC

We review the loan to assess the accuracy and integrity of the information that was used to support the underwriting decision. We assess the completion of the loan application, underwriting documents, property eligibility, reports generated from third-party data analysis tools and the mortgage insurer. Our post-funding QC services is a vital aspect of establishing well-rounded underwriting QC parameters.

Underwriting Review

We perform the QC underwriting review prior to issuing a clear to close on the loan. Alternatively, we also do it just before the instructions to release the funds for the loan are sent out to the title company, depending on your requirements. We review the process and the methodologies followed by the underwriter to validate their quality. We perform an in-depth review of the underwriting report to ensure that you are funding loans that have the maximum chance of receiving repayments.

Fraud Review

We use diligent fraud review measures to scout for discrepancies in mandatory loan information. This includes conflicting addresses, AVM comps mismatching with the property, multiple cash transactions and large deposits or withdrawals. We identify all missing links that may affect the loan approval process as a part of our fraud review services.

Why Outsource Mortgage Underwriting QC services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We are a global mortgage underwriting QC services company with vast and varied experience in performing validations, document verifications and error reporting. Our services enable you to re-confirm the loan decision by verifying that the credit, capacity, collateral and capital figures are accurately represented to deliver a fair and well-informed mortgage decision. Our team of experts have an immense process and technical knowledge. We use state of the art software suites to validate and verify property, customers, credit check and property appraisal reports. A thorough review of the loan portfolio enables you to determine the quality of the underwriting process, before finally making the decision to package the loan and dispatch it to closing.

The following are some more of the many benefits that you get by choosing our services as a premium Mortgage Underwriting QC services company:-

  • A team of 1000+ mortgage experts with in depth knowledge on loan underwriting QC assessment
  • Use of tools like MSuite, a robust document management tool with inbuilt automation and character recognition features
  • End-to-end review of the entire mortgage loan file after it completes the underwriting process
  • Use of a checklist based multi-tier document verification and review process to ensure high levels of accuracy in loan information
  • Strategic checks at pre-closing and post-closing stage to validate the underwriting process
  • 100% compliance with GSE regulations and guidelines
  • Flexible work culture and 24/7 support
  • Improvement in the quality of the loan approval process by at least 30%

Looking for a highly experienced mortgage underwriting QC services company to oversee the quality of your loan underwriting process? Outsource mortgage underwriting QC services to us for an error-free solution