Streamline Your Mortgage Tasks with Mortgage Process Automation Solutions

Our mortgage process automation solutions ensure consistent and error-free performance by streamlining operations for expedited loan closures.

We understand the challenges faced by the mortgage industry in ensuring optimum performance during peak hours and have developed mortgage process automation solutions to address just that. With over 10 years of experience in developing and implementing Robotic process automation (RPA) for mortgage companies, Expert Mortgage Assistance (EMA) is a trusted partner in making mortgage loan processing faster, convenient and more accurate.

Our in-house RPA solution eliminates manual data entry, data extraction, and data validation, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced costs. Based on our understanding of client-specific needs, we identify opportunities for the deployment of robotic process automation for mortgage processing. We specialize in developing solutions that automate routine-based tasks and require large-scale manual intervention. By leveraging rule-based RPA techniques, we augment the way mortgage lending is done, eliminating inefficiencies and improving business outcomes.

MSuite: The In-house Mortgage Process Automation Solution for Your Company

MSuite, our proprietary in-house mortgage process automation solution is designed to streamline document classification and data extraction by placing ease of use at the core. Powered by advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, MSuite eliminates the need for manual sorting and data entry from both paper and electronic documents.

With pre-built business rule logic, MSuite efficiently extracts information from documents, enhancing accuracy and accelerating your mortgage processing performance. The RPA tool combines visual, linguistic, and statistical techniques to provide a nuanced classification of a wide range of documents at scale and at velocity.

Deploy RPA for Mortgage Processing to Experience Unmatched Efficiency

Mortgage Loan Processing

At Expert Mortgage Assistance, we have developed RPA solutions to handle critical loan processing needs, including collecting and verifying information on borrower forms such as W-2 and Form 1003. Our solutions are customizable, rule-based, and workflow-driven, ensuring seamless integration with your existing business processes. With faster and more accurate data collection and validation, you can expedite your loan processing by deploying your own RPA software with us.

Mortgage Underwriting

Our expertise lies in developing solutions that automatically update key loan attributes based on loan servicing activities. Tasks like MERS verification can be seamlessly initiated, and customer documents like credit check reports and income statements can be collected and compiled automatically. By leveraging robotic process automation for mortgage tasks, you can enhance the quality and turnaround times of your underwriting process, empowering your underwriters with accurate information at all times.

Mortgage Appraisal

Our RPA solutions for property appraisal minimize errors in determining the fair market value of a property. We automate the collection of property-related information, such as title information, ownership history, dimensions, geographical location, and market value trends and validate it for accuracy. Our mortgage process automation solutions verify appraisal reports quickly and accurately, providing a preliminary valuation based on standard comparisons.

Mortgage Loan Closing

By implementing RPA for mortgage processing, you can enhance collaboration between your loan processor, originator, and underwriter, resulting in faster loan closing times and preventing errors. Our checklist-based data validation technique reduces workloads, validates data accuracy, and ensures a smooth closing process.

How We Helped Our Clients Win with MSuite

case studies of mortgage process

Reduce Loan Boarding


A non-bank full-service mortgage company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida


  • Slow and inefficient loan boarding process
  • Inability to scale operations

How MSuite Turned Things Around

  • Average loan boarding time reduced by 70%
  • Loan processing accuracy increased from 96 to 99%
  • Improved operation scalability
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mortgage process automation

Streamline Workflow with Automation


A Non-bank mortgage lender headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina


  • Time consuming loan shipping process
  • Over reliance on manual indexing of documents

How MSuite Turned Things Around

  • End-to-end automation reduced loan boarding time by 20%
  • Increased accuracy of bookmarking process; up to 99%
  • Increased savings of up to 45%
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Uncover New Possibilities with Custom Mortgage Process Automation Solutions

Unlock the potential of our robotic process automation for mortgage companies to bring down turnaround times and optimize resources across all aspects of your operations. As a leading robotic process automation services company, we leverage advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide user-friendly and customized tools for you. Our automation solutions come with intuitive features, including smart notifications and prompts, to eliminate errors and prevent missing information.

Thus, you can experience unmatched efficiency and generate superior-quality reports as part of the loan approval process rather effortlessly.

Embrace the Future of Mortgage Processing by Getting Started Now!

With over a decade of experience and a team of 1000+ software experts specializing in mortgage process automation solutions, we offer highly customized RPA solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our seamless integration capabilities ensure a smooth transition, and our round-the-clock maintenance and support services provide you with the peace of mind you need.

By leveraging our ready to plug-in automation solutions, you can achieve up to 70% faster turnaround times compared to manual processes, along with up to 40% reduction in development costs. Better yet, once we understand the set of challenges you aim to resolve, we can build a custom automation tool just for you.

Contact us today to experience how our RPA solutions can help your mortgage business scale up, improve bottom-line efficiencies, and stay ahead of the competition.