Mortgage Title Support Services for Title Companies

Our title services for mortgage companies are designed to improve the accuracy and mitigate the risks associated with the title transfer process

Expert Mortgage assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing comprehensive back-end support for title companies. We follow a linear and systematic approach to the maintenance of property title details. Title transfers are one of the most resource-intensive tasks of the mortgage process and as a premium Mortgage title support services company, we provide you with those resources and the quality parameters that enable you to complete the transfer of the property title in a smooth and efficient manner.

We arrange for the transfer of the rights to the property after a thorough analysis of the financial implications of the loan. From title ordering to transfer, and from title review to insurance we provide you with an end-to-end single stop solution. We bring a fine blend of expertise and technology to ensure accuracy and quality of the title transfer process.

Our Comprehensive Title Review Services for Title Companies

Mortgage Title Ordering

As a premium mortgage title services company our team of mortgage experts are adept at obtaining the title report of the property. We coordinate with the title company to place the order and follow up with them regularly. We then coordinate with the loan processor to ensure that the title details are recorded and amended into the profile of the customer. Our services enable you to receive the title information in a highly efficient manner.

Mortgage Title Review

We protect your business from property sale fraud by instating a detailed review and examination process of the title. We inspect all the financial obligations that are a part of the property. We take a detailed look at the ownership history, timelines of property purchase and take charge of the responsibility of verifying the accuracy of the information with detailed reports. We also check the title information to find out if the property has had legal claims and liens in the past. Our in-depth review of the title information helps in reducing the risks associated with the transfer of the title.

Title Commitment

We review the title commitment report sent by the title company to uncover defects deficiencies. Our meticulous review process has helped our clients mitigate all risks associated with errors in the title information. We bank on modern-day CRM systems to verify the integrity of the information provided in the title commitment. Our proactive approach to the maintenance of quality and accuracy of information enables mortgage companies to focus on core revenue generation tasks without being concerned about risk management.

Mortgage Title Insurance

If your client needs a title insurance we procure it on behalf of you. As a title insurance specialist we have wide knowledge of the coverage and terms and so can provide all kinds of back office support for fulfilling title insurance requirements. Our inbuilt automated tool for data extraction and document indexing has helped our clients meet their requirements with accuracy and speed.

Closing Services

We collect all the essential details that are associated with the title transfer process such as commission fees, title company charges, title commitment report etc. and add it to the profile of a customer to enable you to maintain customer records better. Our back office support with closing services improves the speed of your mortgage underwriting process. With our streamlined closing services, you leverage the efficiency of an industry expert with multiple years of experience.

Why Outsource Mortgage Title Support Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Our services are designed to conform to the requirements of our clients. We use multi-tier verification process to ensure accuracy and quality. As an experienced mortgage title services company we ensure that the risks associated with the title transfer process is handled in a way as to eliminate them altogether. We And this, we have provided in a cost effective and transparent manner.

The following are some of the benefits of outsourcing title services to us

  • Access to a team of experts with experience in title transfer process
  • Well established QA process to ensure accuracy of title information
  • Up to 30% reduction in operational costs and turnaround times
  • Flexible operations designed to work according to the scale of your business
  • Automated process to drive efficiency of your mortgage process

Looking for an experienced mortgage title support services company to streamline your title transfer process? Outsource title support services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for a well-rounded support in managing all title transfer requirements.