Mortgage Closing Support for Lenders: The Best Way to Simplify Mortgage Closings

We assist lenders with all-inclusive back-office support for pre-closing and closing to make their mortgage closing support seamless and fast.

Mortgage closing is a complex process with strict deadlines and penalties for errors. Lenders must submit accurate documents on time and protect borrower data. Outsourcing mortgage closing support to Expert Mortgage Support can help lenders save time, money, and effort.

Expert Mortgage Assistance provides mortgage closing support for lenders, with dedicated expertise in facilitating comprehensive mortgage processing solutions for the industry’s best providers. Our streamlined back-office support for the mortgage industry ensures compliance and error-free processes for quick service delivery.

Deploying Fine-tuned Mortgage Pre-Closing Services for Lenders

A meticulous review of purchase offers on behalf of mortgage lenders guarantees the highest approval rates. We help lenders secure and disburse finances after property inspections to ensure timely and accurate mortgage pre-closing support.

Arrange Closing Costs & Down Payment from Financial Institutions

We connect with banks on behalf of lenders to gather closing costs data, following a strict process to ensure quick first-call resolutions for borrowers.

Payoff Statement Assistance

Our mortgage closing process includes a careful review of payoff statements, where we cross-check all data for validity and explain complex records to borrowers when necessary.

Preparation of HUD Settlement

Obtaining and consolidating HUD statements can be a lengthy process requiring approvals from multiple parties before final closing. Our experienced professionals prepare the HUD statement in the correct formatting compiling all relevant information.

As an experienced mortgage closing services company, we guarantee you the peace of mind to focus on your core activities.

Expedited Mortgage Closing Services for Lenders Capitalizing Data Accuracy

The mortgage closing process we employ is geared toward simplifying complex steps involved in the property sale, assuring that lenders reap maximum data accuracy when choosing to outsource mortgage closing support to our experts.

Preparing Closing Package

We assist lenders in delivering closing documents in compliance with state and federal law. All closing disclosures are dispatched three business days prior to signing loan documents.

Compile All Pertinent Financial Data and Legal Documentation for Effective Mortgage Closing Support

We gather mortgage closing documents required for timely closing disclosures, including property certificates, titles, appraisal reports, insurance, etc.

This is how we do it!

Property Title Assessment

Our experienced back-office teams for mortgage processing perform a final review of legal property rights and take a comprehensive look at all legal parameters influencing the sale of a property. Once assessed, we arrange all the files in a sequence to assist in quick and effortless mortgage closing support for lenders.

Preparation of Closing Instructions

Once reviewed, we inspect the loan application for inaccuracies and redundancies to draw up concise closing instructions statements that are dispatched to the finance team with all relevant documents.

Tax & Fees Evaluation

Our mortgage closing process works with settlement companies to assess tax and fees and acquire the escrow agreement to deliver lender instructions that regulate the disbursement of mortgage funds.

Final Preparation and Delivery

We work closely with lenders to deliver 100% compliance with state and federal law, ensuring that all documents are validated for accuracy and dispatched on time for efficient mortgage closing support.

What’s the Hallmark of Our Industry-leading Mortgage Closing Service?

Our strict pre-closing and mortgage closing process includes quality controls at every step, ensuring that data is accurate and delivered on time to the concerned parties by minimizing delays in mortgage processing. We conduct regular quality control surveys that are recorded and analyzed by management regularly.

We help lenders maintain strict compliance standards and minimize the delays in mortgage closing. We function as an extension of your business to provide comprehensive solutions for quick and convenient mortgage processing.

Why Do Lenders Outsource Mortgage Closing Services?

When you choose the tech-enabled mortgage closing support we offer, you benefit from reduced turnaround times on every loan closure, significant cost-savings on per-employee operational costs, and the flexibility to scale operations up to 80%, up or down as needed, even during peak hours.

If you seek the most efficient and streamlined mortgage closing support, outsource to our mortgage closing team to ensure your closing goes smoothly and that you receive the best possible service.

Looking for a reliable mortgage closing company for back-office support services? Outsource mortgage loan closing requirements to Expert Mortgage Assistance and make your process more efficient.