Mortgage Loan Boarding Services for Servicers & Sub-Servicers

Our mortgage loan boarding service for servicers and sub-servicers is designed to improve the data quality of your loan portfolios. We guarantee quick turnaround at cost-effective rates.

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in assisting mortgage servicers and sub servicers to board loan portfolios. We use the best of current technology and modern day business practices to deliver customized services to help our clients meet their business needs. We deliver our services strictly in accordance with the agreements made by lenders with servicers and subservices. Over the years we have earned a name for boarding unlimited loan volumes at cost-effective rates and in very short times.

As an efficient, mortgage loan boarding services company, we adopt complex workflows to reduce process redundancy and match the expectations that servicers have set with lenders. Our services ensure that mortgage servicers are able to create and document assignment of mortgages accurately to avoid disputes at the time of loan closing. Outsource mortgage loan boarding services to us to benefit from a modern approach to loan boarding with emphasis on data quality, regulatory compliance and customer experience.

Our All Inclusive Mortgage Loan Boarding Services for Servicers & Sub-Servicers

Document Receipt and Indexing

We set up secure systems connected to end-to-end encrypted networks to receive your incoming documents. After receiving them, we classify the documents according with the help of inhouse software suites. Our software suites come with inbuilt automatic validation features. These features help in extracting data and relaying client-specific information to loan servicing platforms.

Pre-Purchase Review

We perform a detailed evaluation of the entire loan portfolio to identify and complete any missing information in them. The objective of our pre-purchase review is to ensure high risk loans are not issued at any costs. Our no-compromise approach to our pre-purchase review process has helped our clients stay away from taking wrong decisions.

Document Deficiency Reporting

Our document deficiency reporting services significantly brings down the risks of boarding loans with incorrect or missing documents. We bank on OCR driven software suites to identify missing information from thousands of documents. We also generate reports to help you identify process bottlenecks.

Data Integrity Review

Our data integrity review services are specifically designed to help you get over the process of validating data manually. We make the process error-free by automating the process of validating the data in your loan portfolios to match them with the data present on the previous servicer’s database. Our comprehensive back office support with data integrity review ensures that your in-house team is not working with obsolete information.

AOM(Assignment of Mortgages) Management

We ensure that the AOM of a loan portfolio has been verified before you make the decision to onboard them. Discrepancies in AOM are risky and can prove to be too costly. We enable you keep track of all the previous lenders who have serviced a loan before you purchase and move it aboard your portfolio. We also specialize in identifying and reporting fraud and misrepresentation in AOM documents. This can be crucial in safeguarding your business interest as a servicer.

Why Outsource Mortgage Loan Boarding Services for Servicers and Sub Servicers to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

We have a great team of mortgage experts who are well versed with all aspects of the mortgage loan boarding process. We equip our team of experts with the latest technology capable of automated document indexing, process automation, information validation and more, to deliver top quality services for servicers and sub servicers. Our innovative tools improve the pace and efficiency of document identification and extraction by more than 50%, thus boosting the quality and efficiency of your mortgage loan boarding process. As a global loan boarding services company, we have an illustrious track record of enabling our clients achieve information top notch accuracy levels and quality metrics. By leveraging our services our clients have been able to focus more on the business side of their venture.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing our services as an expert mortgage loan boarding services company:

  • A team of 1000+ mortgage professionals with extensive back office support experience
  • Use of cutting-edge document management tools for simplifying loan boarding process
  • Automated data integrity review system to identify inconsistencies
  • Stringent quality parameters to regulate quality levels in the loan boarding process
  • Comprehensive data migration services as an integral part of loan boarding services
  • Round the clock support and query management
  • Customized services to match client requirements
  • 100% assurance on data security and backup
  • Up to 40% savings on operation costs

Looking for an experienced loan boarding services company to supervise your loan boarding process? Outsource loan boarding for servicers and sub-servicers to Expert Mortgage Assistance to improve the quality of your loan portfolios.