Outsource Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Processing Services

We assist lenders with quality and fast back office support services for both fixed and adjustable rate mortgage loans

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing lenders with a comprehensive back office support with both fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage loans. Our services are designed to take charge of the bulk of the time taken in both types of these mortgage loans, enabling you to focus on other business-critical tasks. With program expertise and superior service, we work from the beginning to end to ensure a smooth loan process and ensure loan delivery to meet the exact needs of your customer.

We provide you with services that follow stringent quality assessment. As an experienced mortgage loan processing services company, we customize our services according to the level of engagement required to process both Fixed rate and Adjustable Rate mortgage. We meet your requirements with consistent levels of speed and performance.

Our End to End Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan services

Pre-Qualification Services

We help lenders in reviewing form 1003 and ensuring its proper completion by screening for missing information and updating the lenders. We follow a checklist based approach for pre-qualifying loans for both fixed and adjustable rate mortgage services. The checklist is based on a customized approach for both loan types. With a systematic approach like this, we reduce all delays associated with the loan approval process and at the same time ensure an error free form is submitted to the underwriter.

Loan Processing Support

We thoroughly check customer employment history and perform a credit check to ensure that they match all the compliance requirements for both conforming and non-conforming conventional mortgage loans. We verify all documents like pay stubs, W-2 forms and borrower authorization documents to eliminate any errors in information while recording them onto the CRM system. Our multi-step document verification process ensures a greater level of accuracy in your conventional mortgage loan approval process.

Loan Processing

As a global mortgage processing company, we drive efficiency and quality into fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage process by meticulously verifying customer information on mandatory customer documents like W-2, 1003 and LE forms. We conduct a detailed examination of the customer profile to verify employment history, payment history, pay stubs and proof employment. We bank on customizable CRM systems to create workflows to accommodate the different documents required for Fixed-rate Mortgage and Adjustable Rate mortgages respectively.


Our back office support for the underwriting process for fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage loans improve the pace and the efficiency of the mortgage underwriting process. We make it a point to submit heavily scrutinized credit check reports, credit history, income statements and basic information of the customer to the underwriter. This ensures there are no discrepancies whatsoever in the files thereby making the task of the underwriter easy and effortless.

Appraisal Services

We are an experienced mortgage loan processing services company, with vast experience and knowledge on all aspects of both Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate mortgage loans. Our in-depth knowledge of the steps involved enables us to directly contribute to the speed of the appraisal process. We order and schedule the mortgage appraisal process on behalf of the lender and stay in touch with the appraiser till the completion of the process. Once we get the report, we compile, record and review crucial property details like renovation and alteration details, dimensions of the house, trending market values of similar properties and comparable reports.


From assembling the loan package to auditing the information included in the package, we compile bespoke packages based on the terms of the Fixed Rate or ARM loan. We use a checklist system to make sure that all the files like disclaimers, loan terms and payment terms are included in the package. We also help lenders with back office support for handling invoices for appraisal and other costs incurred in the loan approval process.

Why Outsource Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Outsource fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage processing requirements us to unlock a wide array of benefits. We have grown through experience, which is why we have become a trusted service partner for numerous mortgage companies. Our services provide you with robust back office support with all aspects of the loan approval, including property appraisal and title changes saving you from handling all these resource and time intensive tasks in house.

Our multi step information verification process and document scrutiny bring down the risks associated with your underwriting process significantly.

Some of the benefits you get by employing our services:

  • 10+ years of experience in handling end to end mortgage loan processing
  • Access to a team of 1000+ experienced mortgage experts with experience in conventional mortgage loans
  • Multi-tier check to ensure high processing quality with both fixed and adjustable rate mortgage
  • Meticulous review of customer documents for smooth closing and post-closing
  • Diligent research for property appraisal and title assistance services to help lenders provide best mortgage loan terms
  • Maintenance and Management of scheduled adjustments for customers with adjustable rate mortgages
  • Back office support with loan adjustments with both mortgage types

Looking for an experienced fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage loan processing support services company to streamline your entire business process? Outsource Mortgage loan processing support services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for a quality solution