Outsource Mortgage Loan Boarding Services

Leverage the efficiency of a comprehensive back office support structure to streamline boarding of loan portfolios

Expert mortgage assistance has over 10 years of experience in boarding loan portfolios from third party services for lenders. Our servicing system has successfully enabled lenders across the world to manage daily boarding and purchase boarding of mortgage loans. Our expertise in handling purchase loan boarding along with daily transactions using innovative and streamlined workflows has made us the trusted service partner of some of the biggest players in the mortgage industry. As a premium mortgage loan boarding services company we evaluate all loan portfolios prior to purchase to ensure that there are no errors or missing information in your data.

Our services are regulated by measurable QA metrics. This provides you with a reliable and trustworthy platform to service your loans efficiently. We use modern day cutting edge software suites with text recognition features to automate key aspects of your loan boarding process. This enables us to achieve sharp turnaround times. Outsource mortgage loan boarding services to us to leverage a modern-day approach to handling loan digitization and servicing.

Our Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Boarding Services

Pre-Purchase Review

As a leading mortgage loan boarding services company, we conduct an in depth review of a loan portfolio before you initiate the purchase process. Lenders need to examine a loan portfolio in detail to identify missing information or errors in recorded loan information. Our back office support with pre-purchase review will assist you with the detailed examination of a loan. This reduces your chances of purchasing bad loans. We adopt systematic data validation processes and provide you with a detailed report of our empirical findings about a loan portfolio.

Document Indexing and Data Extraction

We guarantee high standards of quality by classifying and indexing all vital loan documents such as property title information customers employment history tax returns and more. Our data extraction services enable you to identify redundant data and maintain a database that reconciles the corresponding set on the MERS system. By using document management tools with multifaceted features such as text recognition and data validation we facilitate the onboarding of verified loan information.

Automated Reporting and Deficiency Identification

Our reporting systems bank on a wide array of software suites that identify missing information in loans. We generate periodic reports to give you a real-time idea of the quality of information that is being onboarded. Our deficiency identification methods enable you to purchase and board loans that have the maximum chance of being sold in the securities market. With our streamlined reporting services we keep you updated with every step associated with a loan boarding project.

Data Mapping Services

We are able to ensure high levels of data quality even when working with large volumes of datasets. Our top quality data mapping services ensure consistent QA levels irrespective of the scale of your business. Using a well-defined data migration process, we board your loan portfolios to your loan servicing platform in record turnaround times.

Management and Workflow services

We use workflows designed specifically for daily loan boarding. Based on a thorough understanding of your requirements, we design custom workflows that can bring down operational cost by a staggering 30% in loan origination. We bank on our diverse exposure to implement industry standard management techniques and process specific alterations into your business.

Why Outsource Mortgage Loan Boarding Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

With a fine blend of mortgage experts and project management professionals, we are able to bank on innovative business processes to improve the quality and efficiency of your loan boarding process. We work closely with the client to understand their requirements, governance policies and operational budgets to deliver a bespoke service structure. We reduce the scope for missing or incorrectly indexing documents and thus in the process eliminate risks associated with compliance and information accuracy. We leverage software tools with advanced features like OCR to automate document identification and data extraction. These tools utilize our proprietary taxonomy workflows to successfully classify and label your loan documents during the loan boarding process. We adopt exhaustive data integrity review processes to achieve high success rates in data reconciliation audits. Our services ensure that your page data ecosystem is ready for MERS audits on demand.

The following are some of the many benefits that you get by choosing our services as a mortgage loan boarding services company:

  • Access to a team of 1000+ mortgage and project management professionals
  • Multi-tier information verification steps to ensure high levels of accuracy
  • Use of automated document management systems with advanced features like OCR
  • Integrated data migration services
  • Automated document indexing and classification support
  • 24/7 process and query management support from 8 global centers
  • Robust data backup and security
  • Flexible work culture that has the capacity to scale up operations by 50%

Looking for a leading mortgage loan boarding services company to take charge of your loan digitization and onboarding process? Outsource mortgage loan boarding services to Expert Mortgage Assistance to service loan portfolios efficiently and accurately.