Outsource Consumer Lending Services

Simplify your customer’s credit journey with our simple and compliant consumer lending services

The three primary challenges to consumer lending are managing high-velocity loan disbursements, delivering good borrower experiences and staying compliant with regulatory mandates. Most lenders find it difficult to disburse huge volumes of loans at competitive rates, while staying compliant and ensuring borrower satisfaction at the same time. We assist you meet these parameters with the right mix of resources and digital tools.

Expert Mortgage Assistance has a decade of experience in providing seamless consumer lending experience to lenders of all sizes. We redefine our lending support with advanced technologies, domain-specific experts, market intel, and insightful process management. These factors have helped us to synergize changing consumer lending practices and dynamic regulations with evolving customer expectations. Over the years, we have helped lenders with fast, simple, and highly compliant consumer direct mortgage lending services right from onboarding, servicing, and disbursement.

Our End-to-End Consumer Lending Services

Pre-Approval Support

Our experts review borrowers’ financial health todetermine their eligibility for consumer loans, both secured and unsecured. In addition to this, we conduct an in-depth analysis of collaterals, such as borrowers’ home equity. This analysis helps you to fix the line of credit and interest rates on secured consumer loans. Our experts diligently check consumer credit scores to help you determine a borrower’s ability to repay an unsecured consumer loan. We gather all essential pre-approval letters and screen borrowers’ profiles. This step ensures that no document critical for the underwriting stage is missing.

Appraisal Support

We begin the process by automating the scheduling a property appraisal. We provide your borrowers with complete information about the consumer direct mortgage lending appraisal process. This includes letting them know what to expect during the process. Our back-office appraisal support helps you determine the true market value of collaterals submitted by borrowers. We join hands with your licensed appraiser to estimate property value, review ownership details, and resale value in case of a foreclosure event. We leverage digital consumer lending software-driven by superior OCR, AI, and ML algorithms to determine the authenticity of collaterals such as credit scores and transaction details for unsecured consumer loans.

Loan Application Support

Our experts take a meticulous approach to ensure that there is no incomplete or inconsistent information in the loan application. This facilitates frictionless processing of loans later. At this stage, we take great care of the fact that we keep the lending practice compliant with regulations such as Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) for fair lending, Truth in Lending Act (TILA), and other pertinent regulations. Our proprietary mortgage automation software creates audit trails. We analyze these trails to evaluate the extent of compliance with the consumer lending regulations.

Underwriting Review Support

It is critical for underwriters to get the right information at the right time. We rely on automated workflows for a considerable percentage of our back-office support. These workflows are functional in breaking down the barriers between various lending departments such as underwriting and loan officers. It automates the task of transacting information between these two lending touchpoints. This results in faster and more efficient underwriting decision-making on consumer loan applications. We bank on credit-risk models and reference data to review underwriting decisions for you to take risk-free credit decisions.

Loan Closing Support

Our team of consumer lending experts has the necessary skills and resources to address all your loan closing requirements. We provide closing support that includes collating estimated loan amounts, rate of interest fixed, and the payment terms in comprehensively prepared reports. Post that, we dispatch the reports to borrowers of consumer financing loans.Our experts compile all the instructions and disclaimers to inform your borrowers about the legal obligations they must comply with. We receive documents signed by borrowers and then ready all the consumer direct mortgage lending closing instructions.

Why Outsource Consumer Lending Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Our extensive experience in the consumer financing landscape has helped us create robust back-office loan processing. It will assist you to cater to customers' expectations without overriding your operating expenses. We make our operations agile and scalable as per your needs with the help of digital consumer lending software. Our blend of technology and human intelligence help you navigate all the roadblocks associated with unique lending propositions for various types of consumer loans.

Outsource Consumer Financing Services to Us and Witness Benefits that Include: -

  • Get access to a talent pool of over 1000 professionals with proven expertise in the consumer lending arena.
  • Leverage sophisticated digital consumer lending software at no additional costs.
  • Ensure utmost integrity and accuracy of the information in loan documents through our multi-tier quality audit process.
  • Ensure complete regulatory adherence as our business processes are highly compliant with all the consumer lending-related guidelines.
  • Witness a 40% reduction in TAT.
  • Witness abouta 40% reduction in expenses per employee.
  • Ensure complete data privacy and confidentiality.
  • Workforce scalability up to 50% as and when your demand increases.

Looking for a consumer lending services partner to transform your business model? Outsource consumer direct mortgage lending services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for a single stop solution.