Outsource Assignment of Mortgage Services

Our assignment of mortgage services bank on a thorough information verification and recording system in order to maintain high levels of quality in the assignment of mortgage transfer process

Expert Mortgage assistance has over 10 years of experience in assisting lenders with the transfer of their right to the property on a mortgage loan. We initiate the transfer of the Assignment of Mortgage (the deed of trust ) and carry out a detailed review of the appropriate source documents like the deed of trust or title policy. We provide complete back-office assistance to the entire transfer process right from document generation to assignment recording.

Our services bank on modern-day cutting edge technology and document management systems to successfully validate and confirm the ownership status of a collateral property in a mortgage loan. As a global assignment of mortgage services company, we handle the transfer process in a systematic and error-free manner. We use multi-step document and loan portfolio review procedures to eliminate any possible discrepancies or errors in the loan information. Outsource assignment of mortgage services to us to benefit from a streamlined mortgage assignment support structure.

Our End-to-End Assignment of Mortgage Services

Information Collection and Verification

We source all the necessary information that is required for the change of assignment of mortgage on behalf of the lender. We adopt a checklist-based approach for the collection and validation of all loan information. We verify the title information ownership history and past transactional history of the loan to ensure that all necessary information that is required for the transfer process is present at the time of transfer.

Notification Services

We generate assignment documents and record them electronically. We then send the assignment through mail to the designated party and initiate the tracking process soon after. We notify all the involved parties by adopting a systematic notification system to update them on the status of the transfer. The entire assignment process is managed until the recording is successfully completed

Loan Modification Services

We process and manage requests tied to new loans. As borrowers are entitled to place a request for loan modifications to lenders, we help you categories borrower requests based on the nature of the loan modification request. By following a systematic approach to loan modification process we assist you in organizing and prioritizing of modification requests after the assignment of mortgage has been decreed to your authority.

Assignment Fraud and Risk Management

Risk management and assignment fraud detection services eliminate all possibilities of identity theft and other fraudulent activities. We work closely with you to make sure that the loan has been successfully transferred to other legitimate lenders. We do this by providing you vital information in the form of periodic reports during the transfer process. As a global assignment of mortgage company we possess an in-depth knowledge of uncovering the risks associated with the transfer of assignment process. This helps us bring down your risk levels significantly.

Why Outsource Assignment of Mortgage Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

Expert Mortgage Assistance is driven by a team of mortgage experts, data entry analysts and technology professionals. Our services banks on modern day business practices powered by technology and well-established mortgage processes that has evolved over the years. With our services you can reduce the risks associated with the transfer of the assignment of mortgage process with the added assurance of error-free records at the same time. We have a proven track record of facilitating smooth transfer process determining all the previous transactions on a mortgage loan. This has helped our clients make well-informed decisions at the time of purchase of mortgage loans from other lenders or while transferring the deed to the borrower on loan repayment.

There are numerous benefits of employing our services as a premium assignment of mortgage services company. Some of them are as follows:-

  • 10+ years of experience in all aspects of the assignment of mortgage transfer process
  • Access to a team of 250+ experienced mortgage professionals
  • Use of the latest document management systems and CRM systems to verify loan portfolio information
  • Flexibility to scale up operations by up to 50% under heavy workload
  • A reduction of up to 40% in operational costs of maintaining and managing assignment of mortgages
  • Flexible work culture and well established SLAs
  • Faster processing times of the assignment of mortgage transfer process

Looking for a global assignment of mortgage services company to handle your mortgage transfer process? Outsource assignment of mortgage services to Expert Mortgage Assistance for excellence in the creation, recording and management of assignment of mortgage documents and assignment of mortgage records.