• Outsource No Money Down Mortgage Loan Services

    Our no money down loan services are tailored to reduce the risks associated with approving loans that require no down payments while ensuring improved turnaround times

    Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in assisting lenders with servicing no money down mortgage loans. From government-backed loans like VA loans, USDA Loans and FHA loans to GSE backed ones like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae zero down options, we provide customized back office support for lenders based on their regulatory compliance with GSEs and government agencies. Our services are best suited to help lenders to bring the benefits of a high-risk proposition loan such as a no down payment loan to borrowers.

    As a premium no money down mortgage loan services company, we combine the expertise and diverse exposure of mortgage professionals with modern day CRM technologies and document management software suites to establish diligent workflows. These workflows help in smooth flow of verified customer and property information to the underwriting process. Outsource no money down loan services to us for robust back office support with your loan approval process.

    Our End-to-end No Money Down Mortgage Services


    Our loan pre-qualification services are designed to understand the requirements of a customer in detail. Based on the loan amount required by them, we try to gauge their ability to repay their loan. We document all basic information of a borrower such as income, credit history, employment history and total tenure of service. We create the profile of a borrower based on all the information that we acquire during the pre-qualification process and dispatch the letter of approval to a qualifying borrower.

    Pre-approval and Loan Application:-

    Once a borrower makes the decision to initiate the loan, we begin to collect all required documents and applications such as W-2 forms, federal tax returns, social security number, credit score information statement and other lender specific documentation depending on the type of no money down loan. We digitize all information by boarding it onto CRM systems and look for missing information. We adopt a checklist-based approach to the loan application process to ensure that there are no discrepancies at the time of loan underwriting.

    Property Inspection and Appraisal:-

    As an experienced no money down mortgage loan services company, we take full charge of the property inspection and appraisal process. From appraisal ordering to the delivery of property information to the appraiser to help in determining the fair market value of the property and validation of the appraisal report, we take complete care to ensure that the approved loan amount does not exceed the market value of the property. We work with a high-level focus to verify the accuracy of all the information received during the appraisal process.

    Loan Underwriting:-

    We closely assist the underwriter by supplying thoroughly verified property and customer information at all times. Our due diligence and quality parameters ensure that the underwriter does not have to send back for missing or wrong information in the loan portfolio. Our engagement levels with the underwriting process greatly reduce the risks associated with approving loan amounts that require no down payments.

    Loan Closing:-

    We draft disclaimers and compile the terms of the loan including payment details, approved loan amount, interest rates and loan closing charges. We include all these details in the loan closing package along with documents that require customer signatures and prepare to dispatch them to the borrower. We also arrange for the release and transfer of the loan amount to the borrower through appropriate avenues completing the loan approval process.

    Why Outsource No Money Down Mortgage Loan Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

    We empower your mortgage loan process with multi-tier document verification systems, modern-day cutting-edge technology and an in-depth knowledge of different types of mortgage loan approval processes. As an experienced no money down mortgage loan services company, we eliminate process based errors and ensure high levels of information accuracy. We follow a systematic checklist-based approach to the validation of information and the validation of loan documents all of which ensure that a loan file does not get sent back by the underwriter. We provide a crucial level of engagement with our service that is necessary with high-risk loan portfolios that do not require down payment from borrowers. Here are some of the benefits that we get with our comprehensive back office support with no money down mortgage loans.

    • Bespoke services designed to suit the needs of lender agreements with GSEs and government bodies like the USDA, FHA or US department of veteran affairs
    • Well-established workflows and procedures that ensure a high quality loan approval process
    • Automated document indexing, extraction and validation steps to minimize risks associated with the loan approval process
    • Robust due diligence on customer information and property information on every no down payment transaction
    • Services compliant with GSE and government body regulations and compliances
    • Use of the latest CRM systems, document validation systems for loan processing
    • In depth review of borrower credit scores, eligibility requirements, FICO scores and property details and ownership history
    • Improvement in loan approval turnaround times by 30%
    • Flexible work culture to ramp up productivity by up to 50% under high workload

    Looking for a global no money down mortgage loan services company to take charge of your loan approval process? Outsource no money down loan services to us and make the most of our expert services.