Outsource Post-Closing QC Audit Services

Our end-to-end back office support for post-closing mortgage audit ensures accuracy and compliance to regulatory requirements

Expert Mortgage Assistance has over 10 years of experience in providing lenders with robust back office support for post-closing mortgage audits. Our services comprise of meticulous quality analysis and review processes that ensure that your mortgage loan approval process adheres to all the regulatory requirements of government-sponsored enterprises. As a premium Mortgage quality control company, our mortgage audit after closing services enables you perform vital tasks like loan default reviews, mortgage file review and denied loan reviews and compile an in-depth oversight of the client files

Our services comprise industry standard procedures that conduct an extensive audit based on a predetermined mortgage post-closing audit checklist. Our systematic approach to post-closing audits enables us to identify discrepancies with the loan information and flag it at the right time as well as initiate a re-underwriting process, if need be. Our clients prefer to outsource post-closing quality control services because of our established process and diverse experience in discharging this critical function.

Our Comprehensive Post-Closing Mortgage Audit Services

QC audit and Review of all Loan Documents

We adopt a checklist-based approach to review all the loan documents. These include documents such as, property information, appraisal information and the underwriting report etc. Our experts scan these documents to uncover misrepresentations and errors. With a meticulous level of review we aim to ease your workload and help you focus on other specific revenue generating tasks. Besides guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency, we also help you reduce the operational costs involved with the post-closing QC audit process.

Risk and Data Integrity Analysis

We understand that the smallest of mistakes in recording data can lead to serious legal consequences. To help you avert such possibility, we have developed a multi-tier document verification system to ensure there is no compromise with data integrity. In case of any discrepancies, we flag it and recommend a review so that flawed assumptions can be rectified.

Full compliance Review

As a premium mortgage company, we keep ourselves abreast of all the latest regulatory changes introduced by the compliance bodies. We make it a point to optimize our services according to these changes. It is because of this strict adherence that our post-closing mortgage audits are always in line with updated regulatory changes. This will ensure you always remain on the right side of compliance requirements.

Credit Analysis

We document and generate reports on the individual profile of the client after a thorough assessment of their creditworthiness. Our approach to credit analysis greatly brings down your risk associated with the mortgage loan approval. The accuracy of our analysis will eliminate the chances of on-boarding a bad loan.

Asset Re-Verification and Tax Transcripts

We verify the value of the collateral in detail to ensure that the loan amount that is being funded is not more than the value of the asset. We undertake the review of all taxes filed on the property to ensure that you do not have to bear the costs of any outstanding taxes on the asset. Our detailed approach to mortgage post-closing quality audit protects you from incurring unnecessary costs with the loan approval process.

Why Outsource Mortgage Post-Closing QC Audit Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

As a global mortgage quality control company, we are made up of a team of mortgage experts who are proficient in the use of the latest cutting-edge technologies that facilitate high-quality levels with post close audits. We instate review features that examine core document, credit, compliance, property title and compliance aspects of the mortgage loan. Our well defined back office support structure is the result of close to a decade of learning and adapting to the changing trends in the mortgage business. We closely monitor and follow the changes in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, USDA and other major GSE regulations. This enables us to make well-informed decisions during the audit process while at the same time ensure loan process efficiency. Our audit services also mitigate all risks associated with the underwriting process.

The following are some of the benefits of employing our services:-

  • 10+ years of experience in providing robust back office support for post close QC Audits
  • A team of 1000+ mortgage experts with extensive experience in auditing loans
  • Multi-tier information review process to ensure high quality levels in the audit process
  • Dedicated compliance team to understand and implement changes GSE guidelines
  • Post-closing QC audit services based on industry best practices
  • Use of latest CRM systems with advanced, document management and data management features
  • Up to 30% reduction in operational costs and turnaround time

Looking for an experienced post-closing QC audit company to handle your audit process? Outsource mortgage audit after closing services to Expert Mortgage Assistance.