Outsource Document Recording Services

We provide mortgage lenders with a comprehensive solution to record and digitize all loan critical documents

Expert Mortgage Assistance has 10 years of experience in providing a wide range of customized back-office services to mortgage lenders and credit unions. Our document recording service provides you with a robust solution to ramp up the accuracy of all your loan documents and the pace of your recording process. We assist you in recording loan documents ranging from subordinations to deeds of trust and assignments. We also provide you with an all-inclusive document preparation service that helps you review and record property insurance, invoices, signatures and recording fees.

As an expert document recording services company, we deliver comprehensive support that follows a checklist based system to ensure the completeness of all your loan documents. We then facilitate their dispatch to the county recording office to make all the documents official. We adopt a proactive approach to completing the recording process so that you can avoid prevent costly mistakes . When you outsource document recording services to us you streamline the process for speed and efficiency.

Our Comprehensive Document Recording Services

Walk in Document Recording

We review your loan documents to identify errors in them that can result in their rejection by the recording office of the county. Upon the completion of the review, we arrange for them to be dispatched to the recording office. We monitor the files containing the details that are to be required by the recorder and closely and follow up with them to ensure the completion of the recording process. As an expert document recording services company, we provide lenders with a continuously evolving service that incorporates new ways to improve the pace of a document recording process.

Mailed Document Recording

We record all mortgage and real estate documents by dispatching the files directly to the county recording office. Our service comprise cost-effective processes that use different mailing services like first class, and priority mail to verify, organize and prepare loan documents to be sent for recording. Our mailed document recording services provide lenders with an effective and economical method of making loan modifications and changes to the loan documentation such as title transfer, official.

E-Recording Services

We assist you to go digital by providing you back office support with e-recording. We work closely with county recording offices that subscribe to this service to equip your business with the benefits that come in the recording process. We deliver proof of the document recording on the same day. Our fast-paced document recording process will benefit your loan approval process with cost savings and information accuracy while improving loan approval times at the same time

Doc Archiving

Upon completing the document recording process at the county office, we receive the hard copy of the filing information and scan them for archival. We index the documents and make them available to you for future reference. We leverage the versatility of modern day CRM and MIS systems to make these documents available when you need. We bank on secure storage service and cloud services to archive all scans of recorded documents

Why Outsource Document Recording Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

As a global document recording services company we are made up of a team of mortgage experts, data entry professionals and project management experts. We have the skills that are necessary to turn a monotonous task into a competitive advantage. Our systematic approach to the verification and recording of documents ranging from credit check details to property appraisal reports follow well established quality parameters. Our services help you make critical advancements with the pace of your underwriting and loan closing processes as well. We ensure that your underwriter receives loan portfolios containing verified and complete information at all times.

Here are some of the many benefits that you get by choosing our services as a global document recording services company:

  • A team of 1000+ mortgage professionals with diverse experience in handling a wide range of GSE and government approved lenders
  • Use of process automation tools with document validation and indexing features
  • Use of CRM software, invoice management tools and more to improve the accuracy of information in recorded mortgage documents
  • A multi-tier document management and verification system to identify missing and wrong information in loan documents
  • Improve loan approval times by 30%
  • Streamlined service to reduce operational cost by 40%
  • Flexible work culture that is well suited to handle the specific needs of the lender
  • 100% data backup and recovery

Looking for an expert document recording services company to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your document recording process? Outsource document recording services to us for a world class solution.