Outsource Asset Closing Services

We provide world class asset closing services for lenders and assist them with the sale of REO properties in short turnaround

Expert Mortgage Assistance has 10 years of experience in providing back-office support for mortgage lenders with the disposition of REO assets. From title resolution to complete support with the closing process of the sale of a property, we assist lenders with a comprehensive range of service that manages the sale of REO properties from contract to close. As a global Asset Closing Services company, we specialize in compiling, reviewing and the delivery of documents to the appropriate parties for finalization of the sale of the property.

Our services enable lenders to resolve all issues with bank-owned properties and promotes their transition to new loan origination, thus helping them overcome foreclosures with minimum risks. We bank on our team of mortgage professionals and underwriting experts to promote the insurability of assets and eventually their sale to buyers with minimal losses. Outsource asset closing services to us for an effective solution that will help you get back on track with loan servicing from foreclosures and REO property sales.

Our Comprehensive Asset Closing Services

REO Title Services

From title resolution to the tracking and monitoring of the title order and its progress, we help you achieve timely closings on bank-owned properties. We leverage web applications and other CRM suites to store title documents. We secure them online with login credentials and allow for them to be printed and dispatched to designated parties on request. Our services include risk mitigation steps such as multi-tier document review to ensure the smooth transfer of the property title to the buyer.

Deed Generation

As an expert asset closing services company, we take charge of the deed generation process that conveys the transfer of property ownership from the buyer to the seller. We verify and validate all the information such as personal details of the buyer and seller to complete the deed. We also prepare an itemized list of the closing costs and fees of deed preparation and send them to the appropriate party, giving lenders complete back office support with deed generation services.

Contract to Close

We oversee the preparation of documentation for contractual undertakings that are a part of the asset closing process. These primarily include title transfer and title insurance renewal services. We arrange for all vital documents to be signed by the buyer in the presence of attorneys and escrow officers. Fur contract to close services are exhaustive and cover all aspects of asset closing.

Auction Services

We work closely with sellers and third party auction organizations to identify defects in the property title that may hinder the progress of the sale. We assist you with the sale of your bank owned assets by coordinating with auction companies to accept deposits and contracts from competitive bidders. Our services enable you to track and monitor the progress of auctions and closings

Delivery of HUD-1 for Review and Approval

We assist you with the documentation of fees incurred in the asset closing process, title review and the creation of deed by preparing the HUD-1 documentation. We create bills and invoices for all the services that the buyer and the original borrower is required to pay and dispatch them to the respective parties. We provide complete support in helping you receive payments for all the services included in the HUD- 1 form.

Why Outsource Asset Closing Services to Expert Mortgage Assistance?

As an expert asset closing services company, we provide you with a single stop solution to complete the sale of an REO property. Driven by a team of mortgage experts and an expansive network of agents to identify title issues such as outstanding liens, false ownership we go the extra mile to facilitate the sale of REO properties in short turnaround. We enhance the efficiency of your asset closing needs by using document management systems to verify and deliver all necessary documents that are vital for the completion of the transaction.

Here are some more of the benefits that you get by choosing our services as an expert asset closing services company:

  • A team of 1000+ mortgage professionals with diverse experience in the management of REO assets
  • End-to- end document review to identify liens, risks associated with the title, status of title insurance etc
  • Disposition of assets in the shortest possible time by finding buyers ready to pay competitive prices
  • Use of cutting edge CRM suites and document management systems with process automation features to increase the accuracy of review steps
  • Delivery of closing documents like HUD-1 forms and title insurance records to designated parties for signature
  • A team of dedicated underwriting review staff with complete understanding of underwriting guidelines

Looking for a global asset closing services company to assist you with the sale of REO assets and closing? Outsource asset closing services to us for a well-rounded and robust solution